The Real Sunday Has Arrived

Fact: Australia is wider than the moon. The moon sits at 3400km in diameter, while Australia’s diameter from east to west is almost 4000km.

We were up and going by 7:00 AM, and the first order of business was the swim spa to soothe our legs from last night’s dancing! The warm water felt amazing! We stayed in for about 45 minutes, and we put an Alexa device in the office window so we could listen to music, hear the news, and answer the phone!

Ninety-five degrees and strong jets were just what the Doctor had in mind!

I asked Mary, “What do you get when you drain a hot tub full of clowns?” he was awaiting the answer, so I responded with, “Several gallons of laughing stock.”

After the spa session, we toured the yard making sure everything would be ready for the potential rain.

We prepared for a potential day of rain.

We also checked the new sprinkler system and made some adjustments. Some plants were getting too much water, so I shortened the watering time. We have eight zones for the watering cycle, and each can be controlled via the iPhone at will or run in automatic mode.

The hibiscus is doing well!

We have a job ahead of us in the next two weeks! The two sheds still are loaded with “stuff” that we need to go through and either label/store properly or toss out.

Magnificent display just for us!

Then we went to the office and spent the rest of the day going through paperwork and files.   At about 5:00 PM, Mary went to fix dinner, and we dined outside as it was in the low seventies.

By the end of dinner, I turned on the table-top heater,  The sunset was beautiful, and it is perfect for dinnertime from our patio! In fact, some sunsets are so mind-bogglingly beautiful that it can be hard to find words to describe them.

I heard the neighbor next door and looked over the fence and checked if our many wind chimes bothered him at night; they are pretty melodic but sometimes loud on breezy nights.

When Mary begins her painting, I have a project awaiting me!

He assured me they do not bother him, and in fact, he enjoys them!

Wow! Mother Nature gave us a real show this evening! The sun’s saying goodnight again.

We talked to Colleen, Robin, Vicky, and Jan during dinner, just catching up on the day’s activities. We’re tired and are going to bed early!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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