Friday Was another Busy Day!

Tonight’s forecast, 99% chance of wine.

We were up early as Mary has to work today, and I have an all-day to-do list at Casa Valencia! Scout and I arrived at Casa Valencia at 8:03 AM and checked the sprinkler system; it worked, everything was watered.  Now I have to adjust the times as the drip lines in the gardens need to be thirty minutes instead of ten, a job for Saturday morning.

Yes, I have a to-do list!

I worked in the garage getting ready for phase two of the move, Mary coming down the hill!  My shop is coming along just fine, and Joe is assisting me in setting it up.

In the late morning, I went to the glass store to pick up my order, and I found out the glass was cut to the exact size I specified, but I mismeasured by a 1/4 inch, so I hope they can shorten the glass; we will see tomorrow!  I thought to myself, “Will glass coffins be a success?”  I am not sure, and it remains to be seen.

A stop at Del Taco was needed to keep the old body moving all afternoon!  I downed them while I was driving for fear of getting home and Scout wanting my lunch! I thought about calling Mary and asking her, ” A taco’s favorite musical genre?”  I decided not to after I remembered the punch line, “Wrap music, of course!”

Me with my Taco face on!

When I donate the china cabinet, we will have room for two cars in the garage with room to spare; I will be pleased! Also, the car cover for the Honda Odyssey arrived, and I plan to put it on the vehicle this weekend.

The garage shop is now looking like I can begin to work.  I bought four CRAFTSMAN Garage Storage 28-Inch Wide Wall Cabinets, which will house many of the tools I use often based upon Joe’s recommendation.

My most used Makita tools and their batteries will now be readily available! Four of these will go across the back of the workbench!

Mary called about 4:00 PM and said she was coming home, so I jumped in the shower and got ready to go to the SA Elks for the prime-rib night!

It was a successful day; I was tired but happy!

We got to the Elks at 6:30 PM after visiting Scout and sharing our day over a tiny glass of wine!

Craig & Bob

Mary and I let our collective hair down and killed off a bottle of wine while dining on prime rib and salmon!

Just us! Carrying on as usual! Mary was tired as she worked all day today!

The girls were jabbering away when I captured the shot.  Vicky, Marianne, and Sandy!

No getting a word in edgewise with this group!

Mary and I are delighted just listening to all the stories being told

Just us!

The lodge was full this evening, and the main area where dancing is done was also nearly full; great food.

Craig, Bob, Donna Iris, and Wil… Stories are told and retold!

We have not seen Brenda and Sam for almost a year except for the Celebration Of Life for Del; good to see them out and about!

Brenda and Sam.

At the far end of the table was Robin (Bob is playing a gig in northern California). We missed sitting with Robin, but it was good that she connected with Sam and Brenda, plus Irene and Vicky!

Robin (my daughter) with Irene and Vicky!

We departed about 8:00 PM as we were both pooped, and this weekend we are going to try to get the house ready for Mary’s big move, yeah!

There is a lot of wisdom in that statement!

We went to Casa Valencia to pick up Scout, who was busy shooing elephants out of the backyard. Then, the three of us came home and crashed!!

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