On The Search…

My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.

The house inspectors are due today, and I am sure they will find a bunch of “stuff” as we lived there for 35 years.  I can deal with anything besides they may find stuff that really needs to be fixed???

I  helped Mary with the dishes, and I have got to say that was fun!

At first, I thought I had a wedgie!

We are still looking and have an appointment tomorrow.  The places are all beginning to look alike.

We walked the baby this morning and did well!

We are getting better and better every day!

Colleen has been assisting us in finding places, and the last two she found were great!  North Tustin is our next destination.

North Tustin has possibilities!

The house inspectors came to my place today, and they did not know I was listening in.  They found a crack in the ceiling, which has been there since 1985!  They said the drain was slightly plugged, but I had them roto-rooted a few months back.  I had to chuckle a few times, but their job is to find things wrong, and they will.

We headed to the Elks at 11:30 AM to join up with the  “Ladies Night Out” gang. We had Bill C, Bob Z, Ronnie, Sydney,  Mary and me.

Bill and Bob watching the stock market.

Just us!

Ronnie and Sydney

We departed the Elks, did a fly-by at Mary’s to get her things and the baby.  We returned to my place for a while.  When we got there, Robin was already awaiting us!

Mary did some watering and picked a few veggies.

Farmer Mary

We got to Patty’s Place at 5:30 on the dot and had a great dinner.  I did Sand Dabs for the first time, and they were amazing.

The Pacific sanddab is endemic to the northern Pacific Ocean, from the Sea of Japan to California. They are most commonly found at depths of 50 to 150 m (160 to 490 ft), though the young inhabit shallower waters, occasionally moving into tide pools.

It is an opportunistic predator, feeding on a variety of crustaceans and smaller fish, squid, and octopuses.

It is a popular game fish in northern California, found on menus in the Monterey Bay and San Francisco area, though more difficult to find in southern California restaurants and markets. Usually sold frozen, some regard it as a delicacy. It is also popular in restaurants and stores along the coasts of Oregon and Washington, where it can be found more readily.

Citharichthys sordidus ()sand dab)

After dinner, we went to the bar and met up with the locals having a chip shot or two before going home.  We visited for a while, and everyone crashed,

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