Tuesday And We Are Getting Close!

“Say not in grief  say ‘she is no more’ but live in thankfulness that she was.” – Hebrew proverb

I always found it surprising that after forty years on this planet, I found Sue working at the same place as me, and we were such a fantastic match for each other.  She brought class and refinement and sensitivity to this old buzzard’s life.  All I had to offer was strong arms, security, and undying love!  Maybe that is a fair trade. Who knows?

We lived through cancer, major back surgery, open-heart surgery, and a myriad of other things and came out with flying colors and more in love with each event.  Little did I know that everything would add up, taking its toll, resulting in losing her so early in life, not fair.  All I know is that it was my privilege and honor to have known her for forty-give incredible years.

We were was enjoying a quiet moment and a glass of wine.


Up and moving by 6:30 AM, I and the Grey Ghost did the first of three Lowe’s runs today.  I got some wall plates, a sixteen-foot section of an RigidFlex pipe, and a few more little things before returning home.

Goodbye bathroom air, you are on your way to the outside! No more humidity.

My granddaughter, Jacqueline, or Jax as she prefers,  is having a birthday, so I sent a card. I do not get a lot of mail these days since I do on-line banking.  I think Ziggy had a good idea!

I turned on the backyard garden water as the corn is growing fast and it has been warm.  Then I forgot to turn it off.  I think I flooded my neighbor behind me!  At least that’s what he said when he yelled over the fence.

I walked around and looked at everything and it appears where are some plants I can be pulled out and perhaps replaced.  The Swiss chard is looking great.

The Swiss chard looks so good I think I will cook some up tomorrow for lunch.

Did You Know? Origins of Swiss chard: This leafy green was identified by a Swiss botanist and is a variety of Beta vulgaris. Today, Swiss chard is most popular in Mediterranean countries.

Alternative names for Swiss chard: The plant has numerous monikers, including silverbeet, Roman kale, and strawberry spinach.

The goosefoot family: The tall leafy vegetable is a part of the goosefoot family — aptly named because the leaves resemble a goose’s foot. Other members are beets and spinach.

Health benefits of Swiss chard: Swiss chard is a nutritional powerhouse — an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and C, as well as a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, and dietary fiber.

Swiss chard rainbow: The thick stalks are red, white, yellow, or green. All have a mildly bitter taste.

The origins of “chard”: “Chard” comes from the Latin word cardus, meaning thistle.

Into the front yard I went passing by the fig trees which are going bonkers!  I think there must be 350 figs on the trees so Vicky will have to do a lot of eating.

Vicky’s favorite, she visits every other day to harvest figs!

The front yard has a collection of goodies in it right now, including tomatoes, grapes, cucumber, pomegranates, and an assortment of peppers.  The view below is from over the fence as if Vicky were looking into the yard.

Vicky bird’s eye view.

The glass man cometh at 9:30 AM, so I had to get back home.  The door is in and looks fantastic, and now I must wait until Friday to allow the silicone seals to set up before getting them wet.  I can hardly wait!!! (Typically, RTVs require a minimum of two hours to set up and 24-hours to achieve the full cure that’s needed before fluids should touch the seal. )

Breakfast was leisurely; I added some cereal to my selection of blueberries and raspberries. It was loaded with good things and nary a calorie!  I am still fighting to stay under 200 pounds and it is a battle!

Tomorrow I shall paint the shower ceiling and the backside of the door using first a primer and then a satin white.  That should take about an hour in total.

It’s going to be a long three days until I can use the shower!

In the afternoon, I made two trips to Lowe’s.  The first was for a four-inch drill bit to go through the exterior wall.  The second was for some special screws and other little goodies I needed to finish things off.

I walked from the Silver Ghost to the front dor three times!  First, I forgot to get a faucet I needed to return so back to the Ghost.  Then when I got to the door, I had forgotten that stupid mask.  Finally, the third trip I had everything.

I know what he feels like!

There are two exhaust fans now in the new bathroom, so we needed a more significant exit.  Bob used my new 4 3/8 inch concrete drill bit to go through the stucco, and tomorrow morning before it gets hot, I shall do the attic thing putting the pipes together and connecting them to the bathroom.  I have all the flexible tubing I need, all ready to go.

Dirty work, but someone has to do it.

We had our afternoon beer and swapped stories about life.  Bob and my son, Joe, went to school together, so Bob is just about 25 years younger than me.  I get to know all the secrets about Joe and High School!

My tummy was asking, “Did someone cut your throat?  I am starving,”.  I decided to satisfy his cravings and opened up and served half of my Chili Chicken Tikka from yesterday.   Killed two birds with one stone; I am no longer hungry, and my stomach is so made he refuses to talk to me. I guess he is burnt up!

Burn baby burn! Just a fantastic meal!

While Bob did some work setting the toilet, I called Colleen and Robin and gave them a status report on the activities of the day.  Now I just need a few more goodies, some wall art, and it will be ready to go!

99% done, all I need to do is some painting, get a hotel-style towel rack, and then decide what to do with mirrors.  Robin is coming by tomorrow so I will get some ideas.

I glanced at the paper, on-line, before taking a shower and getting ready for bed.  I need to send this to Lee and Greg!  Being cat people, they would appreciate the humor.

Oh, so very true!!

I fished watching Harry Potter this evening and finally went to sleep just after midnight.  It was a pretty good day all in all.  I wished Sue could have been here to see the results, I think she would have approved (about the end result, not the mess getting there). Good night all!

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