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  • Adult Night At The Aquarium

    Posted on March 16th, 2009 Paul No comments

    Every few months, the aquarium management has an “adult night” meaning we can come and see the aquarium without kids! Yeah!

    This time it was “behind the scenes” so we go to see parts of the aquarium most people do NOT get to see!  The behind the scenes tour provides a sneak peak into the daily operations of the Aquarium of the Pacific. Guests will enter the “wet side” of the aquarium, a section not normally open to the public. See what it takes to maintain a world class aquarium, from water filtration to animal care and feeding. Tour guests will have the opportunity to view our largest exhibit, the Tropical Reef habitat from above and even feed some of our fish. Learn interesting facts about the Aquarium of the Pacific such as the aquarium has enough concrete in it to build a 73 mile long sidewalk! Come join us on a fun filled tour


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