The Weekend Is Here!

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

On a serious note, Sue and I talked about what would happen should we not be together and it was agreed we would NOT be miserable but we would move on, stay happy, and enjoy the memories we gave each other.  I sit here, with rain falling to my cheeks, thinking about all the amazing memories this lady gave me during the last three and a half decades and it is hard to comprehend.  I love you so much!

She always had a smile and a good word for everyone.

I watched my calories yesterday carefully and was rewarded with being below 198 so I am on my way to 190! Tomorrow I am going to try on several older suits and dress pants that I have had problems wearing. Geez, I may have a new wardrobe if I’m not careful!

Down below 198 for the first time.

Well, I must have had a great time last night because this morning I went outside only to be greeted by last night’s leftovers!  The chairs were out and uncovered, the champagne bottle was half full, un-corked, sitting in the bottle cooler, and the TV tables and drinking glasses plus wine were out for display!

I forgot to clean up last night!

Clean up took all of five minutes since all I had to do was move the chairs back to the patio and cover them. The brown cover on the swing protects the seat pads and swing cover from the sun.

The patio was ready to receive guests!

My iPhone buzzed, burped, passed-gas, and otherwise notified me of an incoming.  This early in the morning?  It was my oldest grandson Jonathan.  He wanted to show me a picture out of his back window at his home in New Hampshire.  SNOWING in May???  We talked for quite a while.

So true!

If you look carefully you will spot Sarah and Jon’s baby in the back yard

Perhaps I ought to get out my Santa suit and go visit them!

After talking to Jon and cleaning up my “mess”, I talked to the girls, paid some bills, and fixed myself breakfast.

Ever try cooking bacon submerged in water? Place the bacon (in strips or cut into pieces) and just enough water to cover it in a skillet over high heat. When the water reaches a boil, lower the heat to medium. Once all of the water has simmered away, turn down the heat to medium-low and continue cooking until the bacon is crisp and well browned.

I fried the bacon in water.  The steam prevented capturing the color of the bacon but was indeed sizzling at 212 degrees!

The YouTube movie below shows the complete process!

This morning Donna and Bob are coming over so Donna can go through Sue’s clothes and Art Deco jewelry.  Sue would have liked that as Donna as someone special to her!  I kept a few pieces of jewelry and the rest I will offer to the daughters/granddaughters although I do not expect a lot of interest as Sue was not a jewelry person.  Her tastes were down to earth and practical.  She was one of a kind!

When they first arrived, we went next door to Vicky’s place and visited for a while.  Vicky’s new invention worked well!  We all stayed away from her and Del!

The heavy-duty shower curtain works well and has allowed Vicky to see her son (who’s wife works in a rehab hospital).  Note: you are seeing us through the plastic!

Pearls made a lot of sense in the comic strip this morning!

Just plain funny.

Bob and Donna departed around 5:00 PM and I was emotionally beat so I laid down for an hour “nap” but never quite went to sleep.  It was decided my carcass better get up and move so off I went and I used the time well.  My son and I talked for the entire 40 minutes I was out and about.  We caught up on everything including my power-panel redo scheduled this week!

A short walk after a long day was needed.

As indicated, I was back home at 6:42 PM and I straightened up, returned some jewelry boxes to their proper place, and whipped up some hot chocolate before planting myself in the office to do my daily phone calls!.

The first call was to Robin at 7:00 PM.  She and Bob are coming over tomorrow bringing homemade pastrami she developed in her iPot pressure cooker.  Then I talked to Jan Mongel and several others!  Now it is officially TV time.

One more welcomed interruption!  Cousin Dave sent me a video from YouTube which, after taking my evening shower, I thought appropriate and described my body well!  Thank you Dave.

The little hand was on the 11:00 PM when I requested Alexa to turn the lights out.

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