She’s Back!

Did you know the Christmas alphabet only has 25 letters – there’s Noel.

We are excited as our baby (?) returns home today.  Flying in from New Hampshire, she is coming to visit and celebrate my 75th birthday at Disneyland on Monday!

We did not know what time she was due in, so we called her ride and found out we had a predicament!  Terri though Colleen was coming on the 20th!  Apparently Colleen “fat-fingered” 10 and made it 20, hey, it’s only one digit off!  We got the situation fixed, so all is well, and she made it just in the nick of time!

We had lunch at the Royal Khyber in South Coast Plaza and then we departed for Roger’s Gardens (finally made it).

Colleen arrives 12/10/2019 and Roger’s Gardens was on the agenda!

We walked around for about an hour looking at all the goodies!

We rolled around the gardens for an hour!

On the way home, we stopped at the hotel and made arrangements.  Then, off to ORCC for a drink and a visit.  Finally, we headed for home to watch a Christmas movie entitled “Marring Mr. Christmas”.  Summary: Miranda has relocated to the Northeast, where she has established her business. She splits her time between Boston and Carlton Heath, a Vermont town where her fiancé, Ian, lives, and the two of them plan to tie the knot at their Christmas wedding.

It was fun to watch it with Collen (Dad and daughter slept through most of it)

After Colleen went home, we watched another movie and then crashed.

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