One More Day And We Get To “Rest”

When I was a child, my family was so poor that at Christmas, we exchanged glances.

OK, we can do this!  We will spend all day at Old Ranch Country Club, but that’s OK, we love the place! Time is of the essence as we must be out-the-door at 10:40 AM to arrive at ORCC and be in our seats!

We are going to the ORCC Winter Wonderland, food, snow, face painting, food, bounce houses, food, and did I mention, food?  Joe and Amy, their family,  Diane, and Carri plus as an added treat, Amy’s folks will be joining us!  This year, Becca and Zack with Lilly and Remy joined us!  Visit the website to see the details.

Santa Claus is a must-see, and it was quite funny as Remy was not too sure what to make of it!

Winter Wonderland At Old Ranch 2019 With The Lind’s and Liles’ staring Charlie, Alex, Lilly, and Remy with Santa Claus

It was a beautiful day, and we just enjoyed the kids and the company for several hours.  We departed at about 2:30 PM!  The event director offered Tony and me a job; she asked if we would stay around and help flatten the bouse houses!  We were not exactly sure how to take that offer!

The “Old Guys” had fun also, but this year, we did not do the bounce houses!

We all had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time.

The “Amy Look” was inadvertently activated by pointing the camera in her direction!

After we said our goodbye’s, we headed home to freshen up as we have to return!  It’s an Old Ranch Monthly Dinner Dance evening! Sue and I managed an hour of z-z-z-z-z-z-z’s before jumping in the Grey Ghost and returning for more fun!

The Sun Was Setting Before The ORCC December 2019 Monthly Dinner Dance

We had 28 guests for the dance this evening, but we were missing Donna and Bob, too much Christmas preparations were needed before their big family party!

We danced the night away!

We departed ORCC at 9:30 PM, and Sue was in bed by 10:00 PM, we had a full day!

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