Thursday Was Slow…

I wasn’t planning on giving out any Christmas presents this year until I heard about those exploding Samsung phones.

Even though my folks were in their 50s as I grew up, they always had time for me!

Today was a flop!  It rained a little, and then it got “warm,” and the sun showed up.   It was Robin’s birthday, but she had to work, and it was a high probability of rain, so we stayed home!

In the late afternoon, we got ready to go to Jan’s home fr a Christmas Party.  Everyone was supposed to bring an appetizer or a dessert, so we opted for sushi!  We found a delightful Japanese restaurant about 3 miles from Jan’s house, so we ordered around noon and picked up everything about 5:00 PM.  We specified six different but thought-provoking rolls.   Meet Mr. Dragon Roll:

You could almost hear him roar!

The party was super, all of our friends from the Phoenix Club were there.  It was like old-home week.  Please visit the party on our website.

Christmas 2019 At Jan’s Place With Sam & Brenda As Hosts

People danced in Jan’s studio, above the garage, and we all had a wonderful time!

We had so much fun and we even “sang” Christmas songs.  Donna led the group attempting to remember the Chipmunk Song.  WARNING: Ear plus are strongly suggested!

The howling awoke the neighbor’s dog, and the police showed up immediately after that. I was kidding, no cops!

After this incident, Jan went to her baby grand piano, and real caroling began, that was much better.  Visit the website to listen to the excellent caroling!

Returning home, we watched a Christmas movie that took us until midnight, and we crashed.  No tookies tonight, our tummies were stuffed!

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