Friday Has Arrived Unscathed!

Loves the smell of Friday in the morning, it smells likeā€¦ WEEKEND!

If at first you don’t succeed…… skydiving isn’t for you.

Up at at ’em…rise and shine…phooey, I be retired! We had our champagne and morning conversation, which is, always special. The day is planned and we are off and running. The Gray Lady and I went shopping. The Avalon is my favorite car…just love her to death and she is middle aged now, only 140,000 miles! It is Bob Z’s birthday and he needs his “boys birthday presents” so Lowe’s here I come.

The Grey Lady was ready to run!!!

Lowe’s is where I really love to shop … and now for Bob, it was fun! What does a guy with everything need. Oh, an electronic digital caliper, GCFI receptacle tester, six prevision pliers, 100 cable ties, six different colors of electrical tape, etc. Now I get to pack them in a birthday bag!

Returning home we attacked the left-overs (doggie bags) and therefore ate internationally again. I had sausage and peppers with a serving of moo-sho vegetables. Funny, I was singing Italian opera with a Chinese accent afterwords!

The best sausage and peppers I ever had was made by Sue … Totally vegetarian and fantastic!

To the garden! I removed the corn stalks and filled a 100 gallon trash can and prepared the beds for winter planting.

Later afternoon it was too hot and humid outside so the air conditioning got a chance to run while we watched our medical shows! While I really like Grey’s Anatomy I an getting tired the political statements being made … seems every third “patient” is either gay or a black and white couple. Looks kinda silly after a while but I guess that’s the media pushing their sicko agenda. I just keep the remote ready for a fast forward then the those scenes appear

It’s off to Garden Grove Elks for an evening with friends and tonight we had two birthdays and twenty-two of the gang with us. Join in on the fun!

Our tables were full!
Visiting is essential at our age!

I was hungry this evening so I opted for the special and it was! Great speak and actually the veggies were done correctly.

I went off the farm and ordered this tiny tiny steak,,,ate the while thing!

Got the ol’ iPhone out and did the selfie thing! Hard to shoot ourselves with the big Canon!

We danced and visited until 9:30 PM

Returning home we turned on the over for “tookie time” and watched at least three doctor episodes! Midnight approaches and mine eyes are in dire need for a rest!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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