Hump Day Yeah!! Never Mind, We Are Retired!

On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key!

The day started out well… I was up at ready to go so I decided to clean out the hall closet. We have been cleaning closets for the past ten years!

It is amazing how 200 cubic feet of stuff can be put into a 100 cubic foot closet! I got rid of a lot of clothes and put fifteen jackets into one of those vacuum bags…the kind where the clothes go in and you put the vacuum cleaner on it so the bag compresses to a third of the size…keeps the space small and gets rid of any varmints! Now the bags reside under the bed. Who needs jackets in SoCal anyway?

Thank you Bed, Bath, and Beyond

We got ready for our lunch engagement with Becca and Remy and departed about 10:30 AM so we could stop by the pharmacy. We made it to El Cholo in La Habra just in time for lunch and in fact, met Becca and Remy in the parking lot.

Popsicle time! Cools off the tongue after the hot sauce!

Remy tried almost everything…his favorite was the rice and perhaps some of my chicken from the fajitas. The shrimp did not go over well…he called that one with a giant PA-TOO-EE and out it flew at 43 miles an hour bouncing of a waiter who was innocently passing by!

Proud Great Grandma!

On the way out, we all hugged and right when I said “See you later sweetie!”…talking to Becca, the waiter was passing by and said “See you later”…We both turned toward each other and reaffirmed the “sweetie” was meant for Becca. Some of the patrons got a kick out of our expressions!

We missed our oldest grand daughter, Lilly, as she was at college (OK, kindergarden). We visited until almost 1:00 PM before heading to Coldstone Creamery for dessert. We planned the family birthday party for Remy so Robin, Joe, and Michele can join the fun!

Arriving home, it was nap time! Too many fajitas! But alas, it is 4:00 PM and we are off again to the local steak house to meet up with James and Linda for drinks and a mini-meal! We spend another two hours visiting with them,,,great fun!

We introduced James and Linda to purple gin! A beautiful drink!

We got a text from Becca’s Mom, she and Gary are joining us at the GG Elks on Saturday for dinner dancing! They will be great addition to the gang! Out of the house, good and inexpensive entertainment yet only a few miles from home!

Home again…some time on the hot tub before we go back to medical school…Grey’s, ER, and The Resident.

So, tomorrow I again start on my diet but now I have some help! Sue got me some new “silverware”.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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