Yeah Friday!!!

I was thinking about old age and decided that old age is when you still have something on the ball, but you are just too tired to bounce it.

Today was kinda blah…we did chores, read a bit, and were generally lazy! Guess we are resting up for dancing at Garden Grove this evening.

The liberals are such a sad group of brain damaged misfits!

Sue’s Mom gave us a hands-free phone 30 years ago and it finally bit the dust. Into the land of technology I adventured braving Staples as a place to replace the phone. OMG, the phones have more buttons and dials than a 747. Please, is there just a phone you pick up and answer?

The nice saleslady…sensing and old man with a penchant for technology…sold me an AT&T “whizzbang” phone setup. Five separate handsets, base station, built-in laser back scratcher, and ringtones generated by a 72 piece symphony orchestra! Coming home with my proud new purchase, Sue’s words were something like “WHAT IS THAT?

I set it up following the 273 page instruction manual. Then I made the mistake of going to the shop when a call came in. Being rather dense, after coming in for lunch I inquired “Who was on the phone? Did they leave a message?” My bride’s response is not suitable for a “G-Rated” blog. Another call came in soon after and I joined the chorus…how they heck do you answer the phone?

Do you remember?

This was easy to operate!

My handy-dandy cartoon making iMac app came to mind…the result was:

Don’t laugh…it works!

Followed by a handset roadmap…we didn’t even try the electronic screen which has another set of menus! As long as we can answer the blamed thing and get a recoridng off, we are happy!

We keep the “cheet sheets” right by the new fangled phone!

It dawned on me that there could be money to be made having a 3-4 page cartoon like instruction sheet available for us seasoned-citizens?

This morning Sue and I declared success…that pesky puzzle is done! The gazebo and the sky were tough…perhaps its just the colors but they took us several days!

Complete and ready to go back in his box!

After lunch the ol’ Silver Ghost and I headed to the glasses store and got the new specs. My eyesight is now 2030 and 2035, not to bad for an ol’ fart! The glasses are supposed to help with reading which I love to do! I tried them on and they indeed assist with those pesky small print books! It is the plan to wear them out as soon as I can get the brightly colored sequins off the glasses…yes, I got them on special!

We watched a little TV before getting ready for the trip east to the Elks. Tonight they had corned beef and cabbage as the special and it was the best I’d ever had! The beef was so juicy and the cabbage and potatoes were perfect. The gin & tonic went well and I followed that up with a couple of beers, O’Doul’s naturally.

Sue ws ready to dance and dance we did! Chacha, rhumba, waltz, cumbia, swing, and finished off with a poor attempt at the tango – who cares, no one is watching!

Next week we are bringing Zachary’s in-laws as they are looking for weekend activities and we suggested the Elks. Peanut and Gary will be joining us at the Santa Ana lodge!

Irene & Donna – our super friends!

Irene joined us by departed early as she just got home from a two week stay with the duaghter in Portland…she was still resting up. Donna (and Bob) will be joining us for dancing tomorrow and Sunday! They are special people!

We danced until 9:30 PM and then headed the Silver Ghost home…she was on automatic tonight so it was a smooth ride. We started a new series called “The Resident” and after doing our tookie thing, we crashed right at midnight.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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