R&R And Then Dancing

Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name?

It was definitely Sue’s birthday yesterday as our kitchen looks like a florists shop! Our daughter’s were busy. Robin, Colleen, Lisa, and Michele all sent flowers. Joe and Amy send a card but the best was from Alex and Charlie…it was a keeper!

We stayed near home today…in fact we didn’t even leave home! I got the spa ready for the repairman tomorrow and did some gardening in the front yard.

Today was a “Protein Day” meaning I fixed breakfast…three eggs, slab of ham, six pieces of bacon, a veggie kielbasa, soyriso, and mushrooms. I modified the receipt by adding A-1 sauce to the mushrooms and veggie kielbasa. Fantastic breakfast and I was NOT hungry the rest of the day!

After lunch I attacked the old corn crop taking out the remaining 50 stalks and chopping them into pieces to fit the trash can. While working in the back yard I noticed several tomato cages were tilting over because of the crops. I wired up several of the tomato supports as the tomatoes are getting huge…nice and red!

In the late afternoon we watched some more of Grey’s Anatomy before getting cleaned up to go to the Phoenix Club.

Dancing to Blue Moon is great

We danced until almost 10:00 PM and sat with Nancy & Vince, Bob & Sandy, Alyssa & John, and of course Donna & Bob! I had three “beers” and was sloshing by the time we departed.

We watched Grey’s Anatomy and ER until midnight. I had to make two batches of tookies as I burnt the first one… silly me did NOT set the timer so they were crispy critters!

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