Great Day In The Neighborhood!

I was so poor… in my neighborhood, the rainbow was in black and white!

Amazing…we searched high and low and the missing puzzle pieces appeared…it “jumped” into the dining room chair adjacent to the puzzle and landed in a small box containing meds. The missing piece found its way home!


On the way to the barber, we listened to the radio and remembered why we love Trump. We found out a friend is a flaming liberal, no wonder politics is never talked about. Cannot image after eight years of a do nothing except lie and hurt our country she can’t understand what is happing now. Shake up the “normal”…talk to your enemy…go after the “press” which are biased socialists and it is about time we kick a lot of teachers in the ass. The retard liberals have infested the education system and it is time to toss their buns out! I’m done…just disappointed in a friend.

He is doing EVERYTHING right and things would be better if
the socialist wacko’s would stop their foolishness!

Sue went to get her ears lowered…an ol’ southern term for a hair cut! We then decided lunch was needed so we called Brian and Jan deciding on Old Ship! I thought we were soccer-free when I saw it was a ladies game but after arriving at Old Ship, the place was a ZOO!

OMG, no seats and people hanging out the windows. It was USA versus UK in ladies championship soccer. Jan suggested The Elks and we headed that direction,,,good choice!

Great lunch!

We got Brian to re-tell his great story about Forest Lawn. It’s about four minutes long but be prepared to laugh. We took the video in the Elks lounge so there is some background noise..

Be prepared to laugh!!!

We stayed until almost 3:00 PM. We had another couple join us at the table and they were likely in their 80’s. They enjoyed the story and laughed a lot…we bought them lunch to make up for all the teasing we (OK, I) did!

I Remember When:  I grew up six short blocks from Helms Bakery in Culver City.  I can still, to this very day, smell the smells that wafted through my bedroom window beginning at 4:00 AM from the bakery! 

By 8:00 AM the trucks rolled out of the bakery all over Los Angeles bring us fantastic goodies including breads, donuts, rolls, etc.  We were close and we go the “stil hot” out of the oven goodies!

Below is a stencil copy (the stencil duplicator or mimeograph machine          -often abbreviated to mimeo- is a low-cost duplicating machine that works by forcing ink through a stencil onto paper)  of the weekly receipts they would have  available for the house wives.

I remember Mom always asking me to make sure I got a copy of the current one when I went to the Helms Bakery Truck that came down our street!  This one is seventy-one years old!

The easterly morning breeze would bring amazing aromas directly into our home!

When the Helps Truck would come by I was out there for my glazed or jelly donut plus whatever else Mom wanted…usually “sheepherder’s bread” or perhaps a bear claw! I always watched out for the recipes…from 1948!!!

Those were “The Good Ol’ Days”!

After returning home I worked in my shop for a couple of hours continuing the organization of the tools and making room for the welder. This unit will fit just fine on my roll-around steel table.

#1 on the wish list at this time!

We watched some TV and then crashed…with tookies of course! We are planning great fun for the 4th of July. Our two local daughters and our son are going to be there with their families, three grandsons, two great grandchildren and we plan to Skype with Colleen, our third daughter, during the fireworks! Two son-in-laws will also be joining us…it’s going to be a fine time!

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