A New Week; This Is Good!

“I always take life with a grain of salt. Plus, a slice of lemon. And a shot of tequila.”

After getting up and checking the phone, we saw several text messages from the Chartiers (our son-in-law and his bride).  Apparently they really enjoyed Alexa!  Lisa says “Do we have stories to tell you!”.  We can hardly wait!

OK… This was in 2007 but they are still cute!

Today we begin with “Lights, Camera, Action!”.  We are sitting at the dining room table having a bowl of cereal and slam…bam…grind….bzzzz!  What the heck?  I runs to the door, swings it open, and sprints to the front gate only to see our neighbors termite infested tree getting a serious haircut!

Say bye bye to Mr. Tree!
It came down in about two hours and was gone forever!

It’s a good thing that it is gone as over the years, it lost two major branches each of which could have killed someone.  The inside of the tree (the core) was full of varmits (termites, opossums, and alligators) and therefore weakened the limbs to the point any rain or strong breeze would see them drop on their own…hopefully not on anyone or anything!

I had to make a hardware store run and a visit to the wine store so off I go and I was greeted by Christmas…I have yet to have pumpkin pie and Christmas is on the stores…too early!

We did a little work around the house and got ready to go see Dr. Spenser, Sue’s back doctor.  Our appointment was at noon!  The SI joint shot killed the pain for four months as she had the x-ray guided SI joint pain shot on June 12th of this year.

While waiting, I did some reading on the Clinton Foundation…pretty amazing how two lawyers (since disbarred) start out in Arkansas with very little and become multi-millionaires having only government jobs?  Makes one wonder?  If you are going to serve your country, you ought NOT serve yourselves first!  Bring back honesty into the government…drain the swamp!

Oh how very true!

We arrived at the back doctor about 30 minutes ahead of time and therefore got in right on time.  He took one look at Sue and said “Guess it is time for another shot, heh?”.  We have an appointment next week for a visit to Long Beach Memorial Hospital for an out-patient procedure.  He gave us some pain pills in case the pain gets bad…I was honest with him and showed him the pills I had to use last night because of her pain…he was pleased with our honesty.   We are NOT pain killer people!

We returned home and decided to dine on  Tibetan/Neplease/Indian cuisine so off to the Himalayan Grill we went.  We were the only ones there as the shopping center is getting a makeover and only two businesses are open!  As usual, the food was fantastic and the service outstanding!

Malai Kofta showcases vegetable dumplings in a curry sauce and is topped with cilantro. Flavors of India, Tibet and Nepal are featured at Himalayan Grill in Huntington Beach. 

Back home, we both took mini-naps before heading to Melanies/Malarkeys for our standing staff meeting with Irene.  We sat and devoured a very large pretzel, I had two “beers” and Sue had her “wine”.  The sunset was not spectacular but interesting.

We continued with Gilmore Girls…good show…excellent writing!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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