A New Week Begins…

Yummy Yummy

We stayed around the house today.  We saw there was a fire but it was so dark, we figured it must be something local.  The phone rang and Nita told us that the Branders were evacuated!  OMG!  It was 20 miles away. We turned on the TV an there it was!

On The TV

The big Canyon fire was moving quickly and we stayed by the phone just in case our friends in the area needed help.  Several of our friends were evacuated!

By mid afternoon the sky was yellow and it was raining ash all over the city!  We decided to go to Malarkeys and met up with Robin, Luisa, the Rodeckers, and Irene.  We had ourselves a little party!

The smoke came right over Seal Beach and Long Beach

The sunsets are normally pretty but tonight with all the ash and fumes in the air, WOW!

Magnificent sunset thanks to the fire

We headed home and watched the new NCIS and some Friends before crashing!


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