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  • Excitement At Old Ranch

    Posted on September 9th, 2007 Paul No comments

    The P-3 was doing “touch and go’s” from the Joint Forces Training Station which means it flew right over the golf course!  The Lockheed P-3 Orion is a maritime patrol aircraft of numerous military organizations around the world, used primarily for maritime patrol, reconnaissance, and anti-submarine warfare. The P-3 Orion, originally designated P3V, based on the Lockheed L-188 Electra, which met limited success as a turboprop airliner competing against emerging pure jets. It served as the replacement for the postwar era P-2 Neptune. The Orion is powered by 4 turboprops which give it a speed comparable to fast propeller powered fighters, or even slow turbofan jets such as the A-10.

    P-3 Orions Taking Off and Landing At LANRS

    P-3 Orions Taking Off and Landing At LANRS

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