Thursday Means Golf And Dancing

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We played alone today as James was still taking care of Mom and some contractors around the house.  The course was wide open and we played in three and a half hours.  Even though it was a bit chilly (you know… 64 is down right freezing!) we had a great round!

On the tenth hole, Sue yells "Where are my duckers" and they race across the lake!

On the tenth hole, Sue yells “Where are my duckers” and they race across the lake!

We did a happy hour before going home to change and head for Khourys and then the Phoenix Club!  The DJ was pretty good tonight at Khourys.  We were surprised that the Khoury’s waitress, Vicky, left a gift basket for us!  Wow, what nice friends!  At the Phoenix Club, we had Nine Karat Gold so the dancing was super!  Great evening!

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