Big Day For Nick

We planned to go to Nick’s graduation from “middle school” and into “high school” on this fine spring day in California!  Off we went for a 40 mile foray to Corona, California and from Spring into Summer in 40 minutes.  It was a radiant 88 degree afternoon with the sky deep blue sky looking down on our happy party. The gridiron was filled with exuberant teenagers squealing with excitement over the prospect of summer vacation!  At Bob’s behest, we departed for BJ’s early and found solace in a glass of blue-violet delight! Join the celebration!

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

Nick has his grandparents and aunt at the celebration along with Mom and Dad. The revelry continued for a duet of hours which was about 4:00pm.  The progeny was delighted and so were we!

The whole fam damily was there!

The whole fam damily was there! – Carol, Pat, Paul, Sue, Nick, Bob, and Robin!

We jumped in the bucket of bolts and did a joyride to Seal Beach where we got to Khoury’s about 5:45! The weekly dance gala was well underway and our friends saved our table for us! The sea was filled with wind craft of all descriptions.  The blustery wind drove the sails and their ships with dispatch!  Sol was setting for the night only to rise the next morning and repeat his daily routine.

We watched the sailboats return  from their nightly "race"

We watched the sailboats return from their nightly “race”

Meantime inside the dancing was well underway.  Music was waffling across the bay and feet were moving just this side of the speed of sound.  We danced until mid-evening and the stars whispered that it was time to go home!

Sol says "Goonight"

Sol says “Goonight”

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