Golf With Ed & James The An Old Movies

We played golf with Ed Roberts and James today.  We had lunch at 11:00 and the tee time was noon! Fantastic weather and good times!  We enjoyed the 19th hole and got a chance to introduce Ed to Ted Conlin and we swapped stories about WWII for longer that we should have.  We got Ed “in trouble”.

Ed Roberts joined James and us for a day of golf at Old Ranch

After a couple of glasses of wine and several stories we headed for home to see “Room For One More” with Gary Grant.  Summary: Anne and “Poppy” Rose are the average American family, with three quirky kids. Anne has a good heart and gives lost cats and dogs a home – and one day also the orphan Jane, a problem child who already tried to kill herself once. At first Poppy is worried and wants to get rid of her, but with love and patience they finally manage to integrate her into the family. Just then Anne invites another orphan, the aggressive handicapped Jimmy-John, to their summer vacation.

Great fell good movie... Life like it ought to be!

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