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Thursday Has Arrived!

I may have done it, but I think I forgot!

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

We were up and moving early and walked in the garden. We enjoy seeing the dew on the leaves and the dew shines like little diamonds on mornings when the Sun is out.

Morning is wonderful.  Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.

I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.  We had our coffee but were at the breakfast table this time, attempting to plan how to pack for Ireland.  It is going to be COLD   in Ireland.

It’s so cold this time of year in Ireland that the dogs at the greyhound track must put jumper cables on the rabbits just to get them running!

A quick pass through the yard revealed that the hibiscus pot was not draining, so we tipped it over and opened the plugged hole.

Did we say red?

We also set the rabbit trap because we saw them running around the backyard last night.  If we catch them, we will deliver them a few blocks away!

What do you call 50 rabbits walking backward?  A receding hare line!

This wabbit is smart because he eats the bail in the trap, and the trap never closes.  We can’t figure out how he does it!

Come here, little rabbit.

The Sweet Peas are so tall that we need a ladder to reach them. The distance from the walkway to the top of the flowers is now twelve feet.

An 80-year-old woman was arrested for shoplifting.
When she went before the judge, he asked her, “What did you steal?”
She replied, “A can of peaches.”
The judge then asked her why she had stolen the can of peaches,
And she replied that she was hungry.
The judge then asked her how many peaches were in the can.
She replied, “6.”
The judge said, “Then I will give you 6 days in jail.”
Before the judge could conclude the trial, the woman’s husband spoke……and asked the judge if he could say something.
The judge said, “What is it?”
The husband said, “She also stole a can of peas.”

Purple Sweet Peas are pretty.

So far, it has been cool, but the SunGold tomatoes decided to grow anyway.  They are so sweet.  Sungold cherry tomatoes are exceptionally sweet, golden-orange tomatoes around one inch in size.  They ripen early, stay firm longer than other cherry tomatoes, and have an inherently lower acid level than other yellow varieties.

These are the first of this year’s tomatoes.

Table grapes are grapes intended for fresh consumption instead of grapes grown for wine production, juice production, or drying into raisins.  Growers favor common commercially available table grape varieties such as Thompson Seedless and Flame Seedless for their high yield and relative resistance to damage during shipment.

The grapes are coming along nicely.

Have you ever had a stuffed squash blossom?  Take the blossom, remove the center, wash it carefully, and then stuff it with cheese (like goat cheese), add a little garlic and basic, and roast them in the countertop oven for just a few minutes (or you can also sauteé them).  Yummy!

A Squash will soon be here.

Summer squash, picked when they are small, are delicious raw!  Mary uses them in her cooking, and they add so much to a dish.

The Summer Squash is doing amazingly well.

We have additional hibiscus in the back of the property to add a little color.

Quite an interesting variety.

It’s time to go inside and prepare for Girls’ Night Out.  Today, we are going to drop off Luigi at the groomers so he will be prepared for Aunt Irene.  Joe will remove the solar panels and repair the roof underneath tomorrow.  That will take the entire day.

Mama heads inside.

We prepared to take Luigi (aka Scout) to the hair salon.  He wants to look good for Auntie Irene.  Then, we headed straight to the Elks Lodge to meet up with the gang.

Conversations underway!  Mike, Bob, and George hold down the left side of the table.

On the left, we have Bill (not shown), Iris, Will, Karen (standing) and Linda!

Linda is out of uniform, no hat!!

Iris, Will, and Linda are getting the lunch orders to give to Karen (standing).

Linda is out of uniform, no hat!!

Then, there was us!

Just us holding court at the Elks.

Dr. Capps, PhD (Pile it Higher and Deeper) was also with us and out of uniform!

Bill is the adult supervison for this group!

We happen to have a picture of Bill IN uniform!

It’s no wonder the girls like sitting with him all the time!

We had reservations for Father’s Day and will have Joe Liles and family, plus the Zs.

How do dads like their steak on Father’s Day? On a plate.

Years ago, I gave my father $100 and said, ‘Buy yourself something that will make your life easier.’ So he went out and bought a present for my mother.

We left the Elks, picked up Luigi, who is now prancing and shaking his mane, and then went to the FedEx store to drop off a return.  We stopped at Home Depot and got some Miracle Grow and three plants needing a new home.

Mary planted two plants, I planted the cantaloupe, and I sprayed the garden with two bags of Miracle Grow.

After an hour of gardening, we had thirty minutes before leaving for dinner at Old Ranch with Irene, her daughter, and Vicky.  We are making plans (plotting) to celebrate Irene’s 90th birthday at our home in August!


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