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June Gloom Never Went Away Today!

We love Thomas, a very bright man!!

We got up early to clean the house before the house cleaners came!  Go figure.

We strolled the garden quickly to check on the wraskilly wabbit activity.   We had our morning coffee by the firepit.

The first time in almost a year we have had the fire on.

The June Gloom was going well, and we had to use the windshield wipers both coming and going.  The mist was just enough to make the dirt on the car run, making for a marvelous place to write “WASH ME!”

From there, being Wednesday and recovering from the gym on Monday, we went to the gym again.  OUCH!

Since I am smart, I have a new way of getting into shape faster!

After the gym, we went to CVS for some meds and came home for a great brunch!  In the afternoon, we worked in the office for several hours, preparing for our trip and ensuring we had paid all the bills.

The Ireland Website is ready to populate, which is a lot of work.  We talked to Colleen, Dianne, and Robin on the batphone.

I love those little add-ons to the Batphone!

Dinner was interesting!  We are trying to empty the frig before the trip, and Mary saw some Mac & Cheese.  I spotted the shaved pastrami.  It was just like Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate.  We put the mac and pastrami together and had a wonderful meal!

We then decided to hit the hot tub, and we sat there for almost an hour, talking and planning about the trip and watching the airplanes go in and out of the clouds.  It is supposed to rain tonight, but who knows?  The moon was half and very bright.

We finally crashed around 10:00 pm after watching a Tom Selleck And Jerry Reed movie about robots from the 1980s.  Summary:  In this advanced society, most homes have robots performing menial everyday duties.  Every so often, one malfunctions, and Sgt. Jack Ramsay (Tom Selleck), an expert in rogue machines, must deal with it.  When he and his new partner, Karen Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes), investigate a robot-involved homicide, they discover strange computer chips.  Rather than a malfunction, someone is programming the robots to kill.  The police must find whoever is behind the murder before more harm is done.

We crashed at 11:00 pm.

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