We Can Still Jump!

Would a cardboard belt be a waist of paper?

We woke up at 7:00 AM, and I realized Mary had a Zoom meeting scheduled in 15 minutes. Mary needed some time to become her beautiful self, so I, quick like a bunny, created a background using her picture. Here is what everyone saw at the Zoom meeting.

This image is what the meeting members saw!

This picture is what I saw while the meeting was underway!

What I saw, it would frighten small children and animals!!

She made the meeting after some computer issues. We laughed and giggled the entire time.

I made us some coffee so we could get our hearts started. Today will be busy as we have company for the next two weeks. Our daughter Colleen is coming to town to assist with the party and attend the burial at sea for dear Sue.

We ordered our stone for the fireplace, and it is starting to be delivered. Mary selected a quartz rock with silver/gold highlights! The stones will be arriving over the next three weeks, and the mason will begin work on or about the 12th!

We also got the good news that our security screen door will be installed on Wednesday! This screen will enable us to get the afternoon breeze clear through the house without fear of someone coming through the screen!

We placed a call to Colleen to check up on her plans to come to visit us tomorrow. Colleen was outside, so we talked to Mark, and Mary found a new way to hide her face.

Mary found a new way to hide her face until it heals!

Mary worked in the TV Room (Living Room), and I made a CVS/Albertson’s run! So I am going down the aisle picking up things on the Alexa list viewable on the phone. A couple of minutes later, I looked at the list, and I missed Mandarin Oranges. That was odd, but I went back and got the oranges. OK, all is well, and I am heading to the checkout, and the list now has cottage cheese on it. How did I miss the cottage cheese? I was just at the dairy area a few minutes ago; I go back and get it.

Now, on the way to checkout, and suddenly, apples appear on the list; am I going crazy? I had a good laugh! Then I looked more carefully. Apples, oranges, cottage cheese, and other little things were added to the list 30 seconds ago! YES, Mary was working in the kitchen making lunch and adding stuff to Alexa, which showed up instantly on my list at the store!

Lunch was wonderful! The woman has a way with sandwiches!

An amazing sandwich!

We worked all afternoon, and finally, at 8:00 PM, when the temperature got below 90 degrees, we hit the swim spa! I set the BBQ on stun as I dipped my gorgeous naked body into the warm water! Steaks tonight!

We killed off a half-bottle of wine, and as we got out of the water, we headed for the kitchen. I got the steaks, and Mary brought the salad. Dang, life is good!

Dinner is served.

While I was attempting to take a picture of my bride, she ensured her eyes were covered. Scout could not figure it out! Finally, he whispered to me in his own Australian Shepard dialect, “Dad, Mommy needs to have fur like me, and then the scrape would not show!”

Silly humans!

Speaking of steak, it was terrific and cooked just right if I do not say so myself! We had the last of the corn rings. After dinner, we crashed as tomorrow is another busy day!

Ready, set, go!

Good night all; see you tomorrow!

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Monday And My Lady Stays Home!!!

What do you call a radio that only plays music from the 1950s and 1960s? A boomerbox!

OK, ready? Here are this Monday’s favorites from my youth! OMG, I was a teenager in the 1950s. I am old! I remember singing and dancing to these puppies. Based upon this music, I am as old as dirt!

I knew all seventeen items!

Did You Know? Earth’s dirt is one of the things that sets it apart from the other rocky lifeless planets out there. Earth is 4.54 billion years old, and yet the rich reddy-brown sediments that we think of as soil didn’t appear until 450 million years ago. But geologically speaking soil hasn’t been around that long.

The following songs have been around for over sixty years!

We were up at 7:00 AM and had a cup of coffee, and admired the Family Room! We made our “To-Do” list for today, and I want to know, how come mine is always two pages and never gets smaller??

We just worked all day with Mary eliminating almost twelve boxes of things by putting them away in the house or donating the contents. I did an errand run to the cleaners, Ralph’s, Home Depot, and finally CVS. We stopped at 5:00 PM, and Mary prepared dinner.

Mary was slaving away at the island!

As it got dark, we decided no pool tonight; we crashed! Since May, we have been working on the house, and we think we are about 80% there!

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Sunday And We Are Working Again; Will It Every End?

If I got 50 cents for every failed math exam, I’d have $ 6.30 now.

We had our morning coffee on the nation with File Miles, and he was still tired from yesterday’s bark-a-thon! By 7:15 AM, we were in the throws of unpacking boxes. We headed for the office first, and then Mary did the kitchen while I returned to the garden, ripped out our petunias, and replaced them with Periwinkles.

The beds look pretty good now!

Mary emptied almost ten boxes of goodies, integrating them into what was already here and picking the best one of any duplicates. While she did that, I was the errand boy off to the nursery and the market.

While I was gone, Mary ordered the capstone for the mantle, and it was Shadow-Grey. We saw it last time we were at Cougars.

It will go well with the quartz stone we selected for the side of the fireplace.

We had company this evening. Our realtor, decorator, and good friends Sydney joined us. I fired up the grill and prepared three beautiful steaks! In addition, I got a razzleberry pie! Look out calories; here we come. I do not care as I was 194 pounds this morning and feeling great!.

The weather is finally cooling off, and we kept the doors shut, and it remained in the 70s inside all day.

The planters are looking pretty good!!

Sydney called around noon and said she would come over and assist us with the pictures ahead of the party. We jumped at the chance and offered her dinner! I began marinating three beautiful steaks and look for the new recipe I wanted to try! Corn rings!

First, the sauce was created with butter, garlic, salt, and other secret ingredients! Then I cut the corn into six sort-of-equal rings. The rings were dipped into the sauce before hitting a hot pan for adding color!

Corn rings, my new specialty!

Into a medium-hot pan for three minutes per side, enough to color the kernels a bit. I flipped them and repeated the process, and poured the remaining sauce over the top!

Pop them in for 5 minutes on medium heat

Are these looking good or what! Yes, indeed they are. We decided to let them cool so we could use our hands instead of the little corn holders.

Now into the oven for 15 minutes!

During dinner, I pulled up the SkeView app and pointed it to the east, and there it was; the moon had not yet risen! The steaks were perfect! Top sirloin, and after a bit of marinade, they melted in our mouths. Mary fixed a salad complete with a happy face on the cottage cheese. All had a fun time!

The sun is up, but that does not trouble my Night Sky app!

After dinner, we hit the floor running, or should I say we hit the wall lifting? The picture collage got underway. Sydney has a fantastic eye for colors and patterns and was visualizing the wall coverings as she went. We held and looked and hummed and rearranged for almost an hour. Slowly it came together!

Sydney came over for dinner, and we did the wall collage.

Our nights’ effort was finally completed! Looks pretty good and something we would have never come up with! The room looks a lot more like a family room now! Speaking of family, I asked Sydney. “What did E.T.’s mother say to him when he got home?” She looked puzzled, so I responded with, “Where on Earth have you been?!”

She has a fantastic eye.

We sat back and admired our efforts, and Mary took a snap of the action. It was an evening well spent. We sat and talked for a while, and I told Sydney and Mary, “My parents always told me that their world doesn’t revolve around me. So I guess that means that I’m not their sun.”

Mary captured a great snap of the new arrangements!

We had a glass of wine, and I told Sydney of the new wine store that had specials on their Pinos.

We are looking for this store!

We headed for the sack after Sydney departed, and I crashed, not waking up until 6:00 AM the following day; I was too pooped to pop!

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Hi Ho Hi Ho. It’s Off To Work We Go!!!

Overall, I’d say my career as a photographer has been a bit of a blur.

Pssssst: It is day 5295 of my retirement and Mary has only two months to go! Yeah, we can hardly wait!!

We must be living in an alternative universe. We woke up at 6:00 AM and were OUTSIDE working in the sheds at 6:30 AM! OMG, we have become domestics!

We had our morning coffee before hitting the yard, but remember, Mary, plowed the patio bricks with her nose, hiding for a few days!

I mentioned to her, “I have all the money I’ll ever need—if I die by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon.”

Smile! “No way, Jose'”

We worked for about two hours before getting hungry. We were making so much progress that I decided to call “The Original Pancake House” in Orange and ordered for pickup. I was out and back in less than twenty minutes. The food was, as expected, terrific, and it kept us filled all day! Mary did the veggie omelet, and I did the Mexican omelet!

Breakfast is served!

While Miss Mary attacked her SheShed, I attacked the left-hand garden. The Petunias went bye-bye, and I turned the soil and planted 60 Vinca Roseas. They will grow pretty fast as they are well-watered, and the ground is in great shape!

The Petunias filled up a 90-gallon trash container!

We replaced the Petunias with Vinca Rosea or Rosy Periwinkle.

<b The Rosy Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus), or Vinca rosea as it was known earlier, is a native of Madagascar and is found commonly growing around human habitations in India. This plant is considered to be highly medicinal and was known to African tribals for various cures. In the modern-day, it is used to cure certain types of cancer in children. The alkaloids present in the flower, vincristine, and vinblastine, are used in chemotherapy for childhood leukemia. The plant is a known hallucinogen and is toxic if consumed orally.

In India. they squeeze out the fresh juices of the periwinkle leaves and use them to treat wasp stings.

When I finished, I sat and was contemplating my navel when I heard this humming sound. It sounded like a noisy refrigerator. Well, it turned out to be Mr. Humming Bird. So you see him below? He is well hidden.

While observing the little fellow, I thought to myself, “I’ve discovered the secret of a long life. Be born as a giant tortoise.”

Very difficult to see!

I, quick like a bunny, adjusted the iPhone and snapped the picture below. I listened carefully and heard him say…

“Hey, I like to hum!”

It’s almost 5:00 PM, and the yard is clear, the sheds are back in shape, and our house has 15 boxes of items to distribute. We worked hard, but it was worth it.

Back to normal! The He Shed and the She Shed are now well organized!

I felt all day like someone was watching us. Until we sat down at 5:30 PM, I was feeling anxious; now I know why! Dr. Mary has a real sense of humor!

She was very quiet!

Robin called about 5:00 PM and said they were going to Rockwell’s for dinner and would stop by! We had a great visit, and the Duda’s brought dessert. Just before they arrived, we got our leftovers out; pork ribs and stuffed peppers! We had a terrific dinner. We all chattered until well after 8:00 PM. We walked the yard discussing the big party coming up. Except for the lighting over the tables, I think we are ready to go!

The yard was looking good; more light to come!

Bob showed me his new app, and of course, I downloaded it also. An amazing application! You simply point your iPhone into the air, and voila, it tells you where the planets are and displays the constellations.

Very interesting!

We crashed and watched two movies. The first was “The Tourist” and the second was “The Net”. Both were pretty good and we stayed awake until 11:00 PM.


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It’s Friday And I Am Unsupervised Again! Oh Dear!

A bright eye indicates curiosity; a black eye, too much.

We are up at 6:00 AM, getting ready to send Mary to work. And little old me is trying to get the networks working! Frustration! Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I prefer to laugh since there is less cleaning up to do afterward. Robin was still crashed at 7:00 AM from last night.

Robin and I had coffee on the patio while Mary got ready for work! We showed Robin Scout’s new outfit for the upcoming party!

No kidding, he likes his costumes1

By 9:15 AM, I am unsupervised; this is something to worry about. I headed out to do my errands, first stopping at GoodWill with about ten boxes of stuff. Then to Home Depot, where I got a flat of Vinca Roseas to plant. Back to Ace Hardware, where I picked up a second key for the Van and next door to Albertson’s for groceries for tonight’s meal. Finally, I went to CVS to pick up some photos I had ordered. I did not return home until almost 1:00 PM.

While I was out, the security cameras went bonkers, so I checked, and sure enough, Scout was going bonkers also!

It was the pool guy, and he set off the cameras in the front, side, patio, and backyard!

His deep bark scares people to death!

Back home, I continued with chores, doing the wash and, more importantly, cooking dinner. I did stuffed peppers this evening with a bit of help from Mary!

We had a great dinner on the patio and decided to crash at 7:00 PM and watch a movie. We selected “An Unfinished Life.” An Unfinished Life is a 2005 American drama film directed by Lasse Hallström and based on the Mark Spragg novel of the same name. The film stars Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, and Morgan Freeman. It is the story of a gruff Wyoming rancher (Redford) who must reconcile his relationship with his struggling daughter-in-law (Lopez) and previously-unknown-to-him granddaughter after they show up unexpectedly at his ranch and ask to stay with him and his disabled best friend and neighbor (Freeman).

Mary’s face was still beaten up from the gall yesterday, so we put ice on her eye and stayed in! One more movie and we were done for the evening.

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Off To Work At 6:00 AM; What?

I was in my Finnish Neighbours shed yesterday, waiting to jump out and surprise him. It’s was like a sauna in there.

The cuckoo went off at 6:00 AM, not the clock, my bride. She said, “get dressed; it’s off to the shed with you.” I had grand visions of what was about to happen, and then she said, “OK big guy, empty the shed and let us go through the boxes. Crest-fallen, I dutifully began the job of unloading 4,678 boxes. OK, maybe not that many, but enough to make me get halfway through at 9:30 AM.

The “She Shed” has character!

Well, perhaps this is NOT the She Shed. There is a lot more where this came from!! So the yard looked like this after halfway through the process.

Half-way emptied!

Scout was confused; he thought he had seen the last of the boxes in the house. On the bright side, there are more things to sniff! We fooled him!!!

The boxes keep coming!

The little girl was afraid the big bad daddy would throw her things out, but it did not happen. We are making progress!

Do not throw away my stuff, please!

At 9:30 AM, we ceased boxing and got cleaned up so we could go to the Girls Night Out! We were already tired as we had moved and found lamps, kitchen utensils, sheets for the double bed, and a lot more goodies. I turned off the water so we could leave the boxes out overnight and continue our work on Saturday!

To the Elks for fun with the gang! They had oysters today, so I ordered some for myself. When Iris arrived, she was shocked as she loves oysters; I shared. Then I got another other, and we shared, and then I got another order, and we shared. The two of us finished off 36 oysters.

They are sometimes referred to as “Sea Boogers”

I told Iris, “Oysters never donate to charity. They’re shellfish.” Well, Iris retorted, “Couldn’t find my pet oyster the other day. Think he was using clamouflage.”

Paul & Iris eat the Afro-D-Z-Axe!

I surprised Iris and sent another order home with her and asked for a report tomorrow morning on how the evening went! I am a little devil! Please note that recent research has shown that oysters have developed an advanced method of communication. They use shell phones.

A dozen on the half-shell! My oyster used to be shy, then one day, he came out of his shell.

Iris did remind me of the old saying about oysters! That is, “Oysters are the most tender and delicate of all seafood. They stay in bed all day and night. They never work or take exercise, are stupendous drinkers, and wait for their meals to come to them.”

Did You Know? Oysters are extremely rich in zinc, which is essential for testosterone production and the maintenance of healthy sperm. And even though women have much less testosterone than men, it also plays a crucial part in the female libido. Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone that increases libido in both men and women.

Maybe I should have warned Will!

It was her fifteenth oyster; I was getting a little worried!

We had a table full, and we laughed and giggled through lunch. We asked the chef to come out and gave him a standing ovation. The food is magnificent; first class!!!

Perhaps a cup of coffee for the road?

Linda and Mike Ash joined us, and that is always a pleasure. Linda, like Mary, enjoys wearing hats, so they compared notes!

MAry had better wear a hat next time!

We had dessert, although some took theirs home with them! Mary and I shared a key lime pie! Did you know that you can get a slice of lemon pie in Cuba for $1.50, and in Jamaica, you can get key lime pie for $1.00? Those are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

Even the presentation was beautiful!

We were supposed to go home and water the dog then head to Patty’s Place, but my back was killing me by the time I got home. Too many boxes were moved this morning. I got into the hot tub and took some Aleve. It worked as I felt much better after getting out.

On the way to the hot tub, Mary tripped over a chair we were cleaning earlier and went face-first into the patio bricks. She skinned her cheek under the left eye. After the hot tub, I got her into her jammies, and we watched a movie. Now she has a shiner.

Robin and Pam called from PAtty’s to see how I was doing. We really wanted to join them for dinner but alas, we will have to reschedule.

Pam worked with me for years, she was a software quality control wizard!

At 8:30 PM, I put Mary to bed since she has to work tomorrow, and I waited up for Robin.

Robin and I talked for a while before we crashed. I did have the two chip shots which our bartender sent home with her.

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I Am Having A Mid-Week Crisis!

I changed my password to “incorrect.” So whenever I forget what it is, the computer will say, “Your password is incorrect.”

We were up by 7:00 AM and walked Five Miles. We giggled and talked for the entire time; life is indeed good! Returning home, we headed for the work areas; Mary to the patio and Moi (French for me) to the office.

Lin stopped by at 11:00 AM, and we worked for three hours attempting to make all the computers talk to each other; it was worse than a bad family reunion! We finally have the printers working and all the Mac’s can see each other but not without effort.

Mary and Dianne got together and made reservations for a toenail party (known as a pedicure). After showing the following picture to Joe, I was asked to “Turn in my ‘Man Card’ and to destroy all evidence this picture ever existed.”

Paul, Mary, and Dianne are doing our thing!

We asked Dianne to join us for a glass of vino after the session, and she said yes. We sat around the nation table and devoured a box of crackers and some cheeses for quite a while. It was almost dark when Dianne departed, so I did not get to empty the She Shed, but that will start in the morning. We are going on a treasure hunt!

The backyard looks pretty good, and we asked our landscaper to rip out the petunias and put in vinca roseas and impatiens. Tomorrow we may do one garden ourselves to see what it is like to replant. I snapped a shot of the backyard as we retired.

We have five more boxes of fairy lights like the ones in the far corner. They may go up after we replace the petunias!.

As I went inside, I also snapped a picture of the hibiscus, which is finally thriving after we almost did him in!

The flowers are beginning to reappear!

Time to crash! Tomorrow is going to be a full day!

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Tuesday And We Are Running Errands!

A fire hydrant has H-2-O on the inside and K-9-P on the outside.

Mary had to Zoom today, so she was up and in the shower before my eyes opened. But let me regress. At 3:00 AM, I heard what I thought was a mouse and popped open my eyes only to find Dr. Mary was rousting about working on party decorations; she said she could not sleep! Being a dutiful spouse, I arose, moved my nightcap to the side so I could see, and assisted her. She put batteries in the light strings, and then we crashed.

9:30 AM, and the Zoom meeting was underway. Mary is the Seargent-At-Arms (and a past president) of the Professional Networking with Integrity group. PNI is an organization, that provides a structured networking program to allow members to form purposeful relationships with fellow professionals and grow their businesses through referrals.

I always try to listen in because they have interesting things to talk about!

Keeping time-tabs on the speakers is her job!

After the zoom, we headed to the rock market. We will remodel the fireplace before Halloween, and we need to select the stone for the mason to use. We went to Placentia on his recommendation; Their stones were magnificent.

“I will take a dozen!”

We had oodles to choose from, and there were more outside. We brought home some samples.


Mary had the specifications with her so we could get a cost estimate. It is a little pricey to go with the real stone, but we want to do it!

She used metric, and you know these doctors!

From there, we went to the pool store and got new filters for the swim spa. I will put them in tomorrow and keep the old ones as spares after I clean them. Then to the market and cleaners.

We had lunch at home made from delicacies from the frig! It was wonderful and Mary created another great salad from the yard! Life is good. Mary asked me, “What would you do with epileptic lettuce?” I of course replied, ” You make a seizure salad!”

Tim and Brenda had their baby daughter, so Mary decided to make some cupcakes, and we walked down the street two doors to deliver them. Mary mentioned that she is a doctor, and we gave the young couple our names and numbers just in case.

Mary did remind me that, “A balanced diet is having a cupcake in each hand.”

Perhaps we should keep our day jobs and NOT go into the cake decorating business1

Back home, Mary decided to take a nap, and I fought with the computer setup. We now have three iMacs, two relatively new PCs, and a myriad of tablets and smart TVs. It is a challenge to keep everything going! Tomorrow we are calling a computer wizard to help us! I am sure a computer scientist is someone who fixes things that aren’t broken.

We checked the time, and it was wine o’clock. After a short call to Colleen, we hobbled across the street to visit Jeff. During the visit, two neighbors popped in, and we talked about the upcoming party; we are pretty sure they will be joining us.

Relaxing with our neighbor!

Jeff and I share a lot in common, one of which is a nice drinkie-poo at 5:00 PM! We have, by careful scientific research, that it is always 5:00 PM somewhere!

The three of us yuck it up and share stories of yesteryear when dinosaurs roamed the world!

We returned home after dark. Mary held my hand so I would not be scared. We decided it would be nice to take a dip in hot water and make some people-soup. Scout gets worried when we come out with our robes on!

The evening was pleasant, and our two Arab neighbors came over to see what was going on. They both have brand new burkas!

It was still in the 70s when we dived into the hot water!

After an hour in hot water, we looked like two prunes! M-m-m-m-m-m, come to think of it, at our age, we looked like prunes before we went into the hot water. I was a little taken aback when Mary suggested I save money on costumes this Halloween. Looking at my gloriously naked body, she suggested I go to the costume party as a Shar-Pei. She does have a point!

She is right again!

I took the iPhone outside and captured a shot from the spa. These evenings are wonderful.

Our view from the spa (as seen through our bedroom window)

We made it safely inside and deposited our empty wine glasses in the dishwasher before retiring for the evening.

Scout just shook his head!

The nice hot water is very relaxing, and in fact, we didn’t even turn in the TV! The last sound I heard was me hitting the pillow!

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Monday Has Arrived And I Am Alone Unsupervised Again!

There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them.

It’s Monday, so be prepared for my musical selection of the week!

Did You Know? The song was written by White, Medora, and Singer in 1957 when Danny & the Juniors were still called The Juvenairs. Initially called “Do the Bop,” the song was heard by Dick Clark, who suggested they change the band name to the Juniors and the chorus from “Let’s all do the Bop” to “Let’s go to the Hop.”After performing the song on Clark’s show American Bandstand, it gained popularity and went to the top of the US charts, remaining at number one for five weeks. The song describes the scene at a record hop, particularly the dances being performed and the interaction with the disc jockey host.We walked Five Miles and stopped to take a picture of our favorite mosquito. He belongs to a nature photographer who lives around the block from us. “Whimsical,” I believe he said when we asked about his collection of front yard decorations.

The huge mosquito was eyeing Paul’s tender legs!

Mary headed to work, and I worked for hours in the office, hiding the electrical connections, filing papers, and paying bills. I finally had to tell Verizon to send me paper bills as their connection to BofA was not working; three months later, I got a message that my bill was late! I gave them the what for and finally changed back to reliable paper.

Around 3:00 PM, I headed to CVS to pick up a prescription and then to the cleaners. ON the way, I stopped at Ralph’s and decided to fix dinner for my working lady. She mentioned she liked Chicken Pot Pie,” so I did it. I am NOT the neatest chef in the world, but the results were super.

I did get a little stressed and screamed at my colander, and now I have a strained voice!

I made a mess!

Scout, a.k.a Five Miles, was going wild as I took the meat off the roasted chicken. I broke down and few him a couple of bits. After all, he did keep the elephants away from the backyard all day!

I gave Scout some chicken and then I gave him some garlic by accident. Now his bark is worse than his bite.


Mary called at 5:00 PM and was on her way home, so I panicked and got things cleaned up! She could not tell Hurricane Paul had just come through.

The results were amazing!

Mary was amazed, and she could smell my cooking clear into the garage! She was NOT sure what it was, but it smelled good! We dined immediately, and she was amazed (so was I). I told Mary about the incident where a fly got stuck in the strainer. I exclaimed, “You got yourself in a fine mesh.”

We went into the backyard after dinner and set up the party lights. We are going to need additional lighting. A call to Chuck or Joe may be necessary! We crashed early without the spa, Mary was pooped out when she got home; but, well fed!

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Sunday was Another Busy Work And Play Day!

Smile more than you cry, give more than you take, and love more than you hate.

The year is moving quickly!!!

First things first, I raised our flag back to full-mast and then took in the trash cans. Meanwhile, Mary cleaned up the patio furniture, and they look brand new now. So I could be with her in the back yard, I headed to The He Shed and installed some additional shelving, so now most everything is off the floor and hung up!

At 10:30 AM, Mary stopped and fixed a wonderful breakfast for us. At 11:00 AM, I came inside, and we watched out TV show together. He had another good message for us this morning. The Pastor is a wise man and makes things clear!

At noon we headed back to our chores with me cleaning the workbench and Mary trimming the roses and pulling the dear petunias. We are going to have our landscaper but in a combination of Vinca Roses and Impatiens.

Did You Know? Catharanthus roseus, commonly known as bright eyes, Cape periwinkle, graveyard plant, Madagascar periwinkle, old maid, pink periwinkle, rose periwinkle, is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae. It is native and endemic to Madagascar, but grown elsewhere as an ornamental and medicinal plant.

Keep me in the shade!

Vinca Rosea enjoys the sun while Impatiens enjoy the shade, so our landscaper will have fun! “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m schizophrenic, and so am I.”

Did You Know? Impatiens walleriana, also known as busy Lizzie, balsam, sultana, or simply impatiens, is a species of the genus Impatiens, native to eastern Africa from Kenya to Mozambique. The Latin specific epithet walleriana honours a British missionary, Horace Waller.

I needs the sun!

I thought of an old quote to tell Mary, “Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.” I also had to tell her, “At my age flowers scare me.’

At 4:00 PM, we stopped, got cleaned up, and headed to Rockwell’s for dinner before dancing in Chino! Yes, we are full of energy!

We had a wonderful meal, and we were ready to dance the night away!

After dinner, we stopped back by the house before getting on the freeway. We made plans for Monday as Mary has to work and I have to hold down the fort again!

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