Doctors And Dining!

Our cleaning folks were right on time today, and as they came in, we exited to go to Mary’s PT appointment. Mary worked inside, and I stayed in the car and used the phone to take care of business! By 9:45 AM, Mary was done, and we were on our way to CVS. You guessed it, more meds!

As we returned, the girls were leaving, so we entered a brand new house, freshly cleaned. Scout was asleep as he was tired after helping the girls do the cleaning.

About an hour later, we were in the Silver Fox on our way to Los Alamitos to get a renal vein CT scan at Los Alamitos Total Care.

Renal hypertension (or renovascular hypertension) is high blood pressure caused by the narrowing of your arteries that carry blood to your kidneys. It is also sometimes called renal artery stenosis. Because your kidneys are not getting enough blood, they react by making a hormone that makes your blood pressure rise. Damn, we are complex organisms! If blood pressure falls, renin is secreted by the kidneys to constrict the small blood vessels, thereby increasing blood pressure. If the kidneys aren’t functioning correctly, too much renin can be produced, increasing blood pressure and sometimes resulting in hypertension (high blood pressure).

Mr doctor asked me what meds I take. I told him, “For better digestion, I drink beer, for low blood pressure, I drink red wine; for high blood pressure Cognac and for colds Vodka.” Then he asked, “And what about water?” and I had to reply, “I don’t think I ever had such an illness that needed water!”

After the scan, we waited for the CD, but after fifteen minutes, we decided to eat since I had to fast all morning. Mary got to see another fine dining establishment in Los Alamitos; Taco Surf!

Like visiting TJ (not, not Trader Joe’s)

I had the Pork Chili Verde Burrito, which was stuffed with savory chunks of pork, homemade Spanish rice & refried beans. This *highly-rated* burrito is topped with cheese, fresh tomatillo salsa & avocado slices. Mary decided on the soup of the day! We both had a glass of wine to wash it down. I hope I can still fit into my new coat for Valentine’s Day at the Elks!

I hope to be dashing!!

We hurried home after going by the office to pick up the CD. Scout was happy to see us, and we watched “The Ultimate Gift” on TV. Summary: A deceased billionaire leaves his spoiled adult grandson a series of odd tasks to perform in order to receive “the ultimate gift,” with the resentful grandson having no idea what that might be.

We crashed around 9:00 PM as we have another busy day planned for tomorrow. Yes, more doctors!

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Doctor’s Day For Scout!

Not today, Big Guy!

Colleen and Mark have been married twenty-four years today! We are so happy for them; they are a perfect match! We wish they were closer to us; New Hampshire is too far away!

Happy Anniversary, 24 years!

Scout has been itching, and we tried all the OTS items we could find. We decided it was time to go to the doctor and get him some meds to stop the itching.

“Please, please! Not the doctor!!!”

We went to the nursery after dropping him off but found nothing of interest, so we went home and found a Del Taco on the way. Lunch time!!

We shared an Epic Fresh Guacamole Burrito – Loaded with a choice of freshly grilled, marinated chicken, freshly grilled carne asada, or Beyond Meat®, slow-cooked beans made from scratch, cilantro lime rice, fresh house-made guacamole, and fresh house-made pico de gallo, all in a warm, oversized flour tortilla.

In the afternoon, we walked the garden and checked on yesterday’s plantings; all looked well.

At 5:00 PM, we headed to TTrue Food Kitchen in Fashion Island; Mary did the Grilled Korean Steak, which is sliced 100% grass-fed sirloin, forbidden rice, mushroom, bok choy, gochujang glaze, miso sesame vinaigrette, and herbs. I went for the Grilled Sustainable Salmon, served with smoked grains, cilantro pumpkin seed pesto, broccolini, charred onion, and basil.

Dinner time!

We had a ball sharing and teasing. Chick and Lisa will be back with us on Friday to go to the Valentine’s Day dance at the Elks.

I asked Chuck, “Have you read Dr. Seuss’s book about organic food? It’s called All Natural Eggs & Gluten-Free Ham.”

According to the latest news I heard on TV, healthy eating does not have to be troublesome. Nutritionists claim it is easy to say whether you follow healthy eating rules. It is all about colors. Fill your plates with many bright colors: reds, yellows, and greens.
I did that precisely this morning. I had an entire bowl of M&M’s. It was fantastic! I wouldn’t have thought that healthy eating could be so easy!

We gather together at the table.

They are a delightful couple; we met Chuck as the bartender at Partty’s Place many moons ago.

Chuck and Lisa

Returning home, we crashed. The healthy food and wine did us in! Scout seemed to be resting, and we did see him itching. We have a load of meds for him; he might have more than Mary and I.

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The Week Is Officially Underway!

A Memory To Share: Growing up on Comey avenue, all the kids would get together and play “Army,” which meant gathering all our wagons (tanks), bikes (motorcycles), and any other wheeled object, and off we would go!

If you are doing battle, you must have medical supplies, so we all decided to go to our own homes and come back with bandages and other medical supplies should we need them in battle.

I raced home, went through the medicine cabinet, and got bandaids and other necessities. For some reason, I looked in the closet for old towels and spotted a big box of bandages. Why were they in the closet; I had no idea.

We all gathered together and shared the newly found medical supplies, and I proudly passed out these neat bandages to everyone. I was proud; I had the biggest bandages! Out medical kits were ready to go. Let the battle begin!

We played all day, never going in the house until the porch light went on.

Well, about thirty minutes after that horrible light went on, the phone rang. Mom answered it, and I heard her get quite upset. What was happening? She hung up the phone and came to me (I was maybe eight or ten) and asked if I was in her closet today. I answered, “Yes, the army needed some bandages, and I used that box of bandages on the top shelf.”

You can probably guess I had passed out about twenty Kotex pads to the boys and girls in the army. Mom never said what was wrong, but I was warned if I wanted to stay alive, “NEVER GO INTO HER CLOSET AGAIN!!”

I did not know what I had done and only found out when I was in high school and was working in the dime store when I spotted another box of these “bandages” and finally figured it out. OOPS!

The day started well with a walk through the garden, and we made a list of things we needed from Home Depot. We had breakfast, and we made tracks for the store. We came home with four bags of manure and one load of new veggies to try. We had cauliflower, two types of Swiss chard, and several other veggies.

Departing Home Depot with our newfound treasures, Mary talks to the plants, assuring them they are going to a nice new home!

Once we reached home, Mary and I got our respective two-wheeled wheelbarrows and emptied the back seat and trunk of the Silver Fox. It’s good exercise, so they say!

I turned the soil and added the amendment (shoveled the s..t into the beds) while Mary followed behind and did the planting. We are an excellent team.

Mary told me she plants everything in alphabetical order. I asked her, “Really?! I don’t know how you find the time!” She quickly responded, “It’s right next to the sage”.

Dig girl, dig. The soil is once and soft!

We dug the straw back into the ground to break up the soil. In another year, the solid will be wonderful. It is full of Mary’s worms. I did ask Mary, “What do you call two worms in love?” I let her have some time before I said, “Soilmates”.

She didn’t throw dirt at me, so I followed it up with, “How do you make a glow worm happy?” I did not wait and answered, ” Cut off his tail, and he’ll be de-lighted.”

The plants are safely in their new home

We moved a few plants from the old dirt to the new and improved soil to see what would happen.

In sixty days, we will be harvesting these little fellers.

It was time to leave for the eye doctor in Newport Beach, so we skedaddled down the road and made it ten minutes ahead of schedule. My prescription, which MAry did a year ago, was fine, but I need cataract surgery in the right eye, and we will schedule that as soon as the blood pressure gets under control.

We returned home and had a great dinner of Mac & Cheese, a Bubba Burger with mushrooms, and a salad from the garden. We watched Heaven’s Gate, an epic western.

Summary: Heaven’s Gate is a 1980 American epic Western film written and directed by Michael Cimino, starring Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, John Hurt, Sam Waterston, Brad Dourif, Isabelle Huppert, Jeff Bridges, and Joseph Cotten. Loosely based on the Johnson County War, it revolves around a dispute between land barons and European immigrants in Wyoming in the 1890s.

The movie:

The truth:

It was windy and I kept seeing the garden security light go on and off. It seems the whirlygigs were triggering the motion sensor.

The wind was ferocious last night, and the security light kept going on and off.

It was lights out and Sandman time at 11:00 PM. We had another great day!

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We Celebrated Chinese New Year Again!

We departed the house at 10:30 AM and picked up the Z’s at their home in Santa Ana. We are off to the Huntington Library and Gardens to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a thousand friends!

I’m opting for Chinese New Year resolutions since my American New Year resolutions were an epic fail.

See the details on our website.

Wonderful friends; great times!

We walked and walked!

We even chased the Lion!

Being a gentleman, I let Bob go first!

We walked almost 7,000 steps as we traversed the Huntington grounds. We were ready to crash, but we decided to watch TV and see episode five of 1923 Yellowstone. Then the Sandman came in a big truck, and we were out like a light.

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A Sloooow Day, It Was Needed!

Today was again laid back! We went to our son Joe’s house, where he is rebuilding a sand rail. We watched him to the front suspension before we departed back home.

He remembers he and I rebuilding the blue sand rail almost fifty years ago!

Returning home, I planned to take a short nap. The blood pressure thing is tiring! When Chuck and Lisa returned, we decided to stay home and not go out to eat. Mary pulled out two steaks from the freezer. We were given a box of steaks by Diane and David, and those steaks are amazing!

Visit Harris Ranch (Scan the QR Code)

Did You Know? Founded by Jack Harris in 1937, the Harris Ranch Beef Company (now operated by Jack Harris’ son John) was originally a cotton and grain operation. In the 1970s, the ranch opened a burger stand near Interstate 5.

The farm also operates an inn and restaurant, raises fruit and vegetable crops, and breeds thoroughbred horses. Overall, the operation has more than 400 employees. Approximately 14,000 acres (5,700 ha) are devoted to garlic, broccoli, pomegranates, and tomatoes, among 35 types of fruits and vegetables.

During the war on terror, volunteers from the San Joaquin Valley, especially Bakersfield, supplied with beef from Harris Ranch, have volunteered to serve steaks to service-members who are OCONUS

Life does not get better than this!

We popped over to the market and got some groceries, plus we took Mary’s bean soup to Jan. At Jan’s, we had a glass of wine while bringing her up to date on everything.

Returning home, Mary made a salad from our garden. Chuck barbequed the steaks, and I set the table. Lissa was getting ready for the celebration of life for her sister planned for Sunday.

We sat around and talked for a couple of hours. Quality time!! Oh, we also made cherry flavored ice cream and I used some of the remaining Polish sour cherries from our last Perogi adventure.

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The Week She Is Done! Friday Had Arrived!

We plan to go furniture shopping n the near future!

We headed to the yard after getting up and worked for a couple of hours. Mary fastened down the cover over the gazebo table while I pulled weeds! A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.

This week, we had to tie the table cover down for the second time!

At 2:00 PM, n n we decided it was nap time! We wanted to stay up during this evening theater visit; we will see Frozen at the Segerstrom Theater. I always say, “If beer, coffee, or a nap can’t cure it, you’ve got a serious problem.”

We arrived at 5:00 PM and walked from the parking lot to the restaurant via the back door. I prefer this because we see the tall buildings and a restroom halfway to the end.

It was a full moon tonight, and it was already quite bright in the easter sky. Leatherby’s is about a quarter of a mile walk, which gets the appetite in gear!

Between the theaters, we saw the moon peeking at us!

The restaurant is quite modern and is located adjacent to the main OC theaters.

Mary and I ordered a boggle of wine since we had two hours until the show started. Donna and Bob came in about twenty minutes after we arrived. The menu was quite eclectic.

Bon and Donna arrive at Leatherby’s.

Mary did the Australian lamb chops served with roasted eggplant, harissa, benne sauce, marcona almonds, cherry olive jus, and mint salad. I decided it was steak night and selected the Nebraska filet mignon served with boulangère potatoes, chantarelle mushrooms, and red wine sauce. Mary and I shared our entrees, so we got the best of both worlds.

The lamb chops were fantastic!

Donna went for the salmon, and Bob did the steak with me.

Donna finally got what she wanted.

We giggled and laughed for two hours before hitting the road for the theaters. We were going to see Frozen and the Z’s were going to see The Little Foxes. Summary: Alabama, 1900. Ben and Oscar Hubbard stand to earn millions by funding an industrialized cotton mill. But first, they’ll need their calculating sister, Regina, to secure the seed money from her dying husband. When he refuses, the siblings stop at nothing to satisfy their ambitions and keep the wealth in the family. It is Regina, however, with razor-sharp intellect and diabolical gentility, who is the most ruthless. Ferocious and funny, this celebrated classic takes an absorbing look at all sides of the American Dream.

Just little ol’ us!

We got into the theater just in the nick of time. We were in the orchestra row five, center section. The seats were perfect. The only issue is that our hearing needs a boost. We got 60% of the dialog and could figure the rest out by the actors’ actions.

All the world’s a stage, and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.

The show is about to begin!

Did You Know? Frozen took 70 years to make! Yes, you read that right! Walt Disney had wanted to make this film since the 1930s! The story never felt quite right, and it was put aside until the 90s when Disney tried again to get the project off the ground and again in 2000. It wasn’t until 2008 that the story finally started coming together, and Frozen was born. Was it worth waiting 70 years for? We think so!

Also, Frozen made Disney over 1,000,000,000 dollars! Yup, Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful films ever, making over a billion dollars worldwide! On top of that, its sequel, Frozen II, is currently the second most successful animated movie ever (After The Lion King) and also smashed box office records with its billion-dollar takings. What’s more, both films are some of the most successful of all time to have been directed by a woman!

We were out by 10:00 PM, and on the way home, we stopped at Aces Bar and Grill for a glass of wine before going home. Wine is the answer, but I can’t remember the question.

The owner was there and served us a humongous glass of wine! One drink is all we needed. We hijacked the jukebox, played good music, and departed to get home just before 11:00 PM.

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Out And About!

It was a glorious day in California; the weather was perfect! We had our morning coffee and got ready to go to the Elks for lunch and meet with the gang. Chuck and Lisa worked to prepare their taxes as they see their tax guy at lunchtime.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The sun was out and warmed things up! Before leaving for the Elks, we sat outside and discussed what needed to be done in the garden over the next few weeks. The sun was so warm someone took a cat nap! So the natural question is, “If a child refuses a nap are they resisting arrest?”

The only thing in school I ever was good at was nap time in kindergarten……I got straight Z’s.

Sawing logs!

We went to the Elks at about 11:45 am and bought four additional tickets for the Valentine’s Day celebrations. Now we have the Z’s, Robin and Bob, Irene and Dr. Bill, Chuck and Lisa, and Michele and Franklyn going with us. We may have to work on the table arrangements!

Bob wore the shirt!

There was a meeting of the local patriotic veterans, and Bill Capps made an introduction of Mary to the group. She got an invite to join the group, duh!

Mary outranked every one of them; she was a captain in the US Army!

Lunch was great, and we shared with our group for a good 90 minutes!


After lunch, we went to Jan’s and brought her lunch. We decided not to ask her to join us at the Elks for lunch anymore, but we will likely still bring lunch once in a while.

Chuck and Lisa came in at about 5:30 pm, and we decided to go to the Orange traffic Circle and done at Vanattas Italian diner. The food was excellent. We got home around 7:30 pm and talked for a while before crashing. I must be up and out by 7:00 am to see the dermatologist.

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Chuckie Comes To Town!

Today we went to Mary’s PT, and things are getting better all the time! We are pleased with the progress, so we expect another month before she returns to “normal.” We will have to figure out what “normal” is!

Our PT facility is in Tustin!

After PT, I offered to go to Rockwells, but Mary thought we could eat at home. Then I mentioned the egg white omelet, and she gave in. We went to Rockwell’s in Villa Park, a wonderful bakery and a super place to dine!

We are “regulars” there, so everyone said, “Howdy.”

Mary had hot tea, and I made iced tea because I knew my food would be hot. Mary did her omelet, and I attacked a ham and egg omelet with a side of bacon! Dang, it was good.

I did ask Mary, “Why do the French make omelets with only one egg?” Well, I had to tell her, “Because in France one egg is un oeuf.”

Then I remembered when Mary and I first got together. When my wife made her first omelet, I was egging her on.

The meal was excellent!

That smile gives Rockwell an AAA rating!

We returned home and worked in the yard, fertilizing the new trees, planting bulbs, and pulling weeds—and other stuff. At 2:00 PM, we came in, and I checked my BP, thinking it would be high! It was 120/80, my normal??

At 2:45 PM, we headed to the JW Airport to pick up Chuck and Lisa, friends staying with us for two weeks. We have been friends for years, so we had a great visit.

When we got home, our cleaning folks were still there, and we were expecting ten people for the bi-monthly Starlighter Dance Club board meeting. We managed to get everything together due to the teamwork Mary and I established. She lays on the couch eating bonbons and points to what I must do next!

The members showed up at 6:30 PM, and the meeting was done by about 8:30 PM; Bob runs a tight ship!

Bob leads the meeting.

It is wonderful having friends for 20+ years; we can say anything!

Mary keeps us moving!

We had a lot of fun since we have known each other for years and years!

Post meeting banter

We have all the information on a spreadsheet, but no one can figure it out! Cheese, wine, and a friend must be old to be good.

The guys are still trying to figure out the spreadsheet

After the meeting, we crashed to get ready for tomorrow.

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It’s Tuesday Already?

Today was abnormal; we just worked around the house getting ready for Chuck and Lisa tomorrow. Those odd jobs we put on the “someday list” were accomplished today. We worked hard, but another to show for it.

It was a beautiful, excellent day to stay home and work around the house!

Colleen is safe at home, and we begin talking on the bat-phone. We saw her post on Facebook. she wants to be tall, and I say, be short and amazing like you are!

Dad passed in 1970, three years before Colleen was born. My dad would have loved this little girl as she was feisty and loving. My dad made me, and I thank him for being the best dad ever. Wise, caring, and thoughtful, even with a 10th-grade education!

Clockwise: Cousin Tom and I noarding a train; Diane, Olivia, and me on Comey Avenue; Dad and me at dinner; Mom dressed me as a bum for Halloween; Dad and I on vacation in the mountains.

We crashed early because tomorrow the day is BUSY!!

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It’s Monday! That Means A Memory!

Adventures In Baloney Creek While growing up, Baloney Creek was at the end of our dead end street! I remember it looking to be 200 feet deep but in reality, it was not! Maybe 20 or 25 at most.

As a boy, I would tie a rope to my bicycle and lower it down the side into the cement bottom… then use the maintenance ladder to get to the bottom! We would ride for what seemed miles.

The creek turned into a real creek about two miles down, and the MGM backlots were adjacent to the creek! We guys would hide our bikes and sneak into the backlots and watch them file Tarzan and some westerns. Sometimes we would go into the feeders to Baloney Creek! Flashlights were mandatory!

We could only ride the bikes after winter rains came along because many times of the year, the bottom of the creek had several inches of MUCK on it! Some of the muck was from Adohr Farms, a dairy that was on La Cienega Blvd between Pico and Venice.

Ballona Creek is the most significant storm drain in the Santa Monica Bay watershed.

I did now know until I was in my 50s that Mom would follow me down to the ladder and bring a chair and knit until she heard us coming back up the creek, and then she would go home and ask us,” Where have you been.”

If you ever watched the movie “Volcano,” the channel they directed the lava into fed Balona Creek! In the 1997 movie “Volcano,” the protagonists divert the flow of lava at Beverly Center by using explosives to dig a trench that takes it to Ballona Creek, which then leads to the ocean.

This day was reserved for errands/chores. First, we visit Mary’s PT facility, and her arm is getting better all the time. After that, we met with our interior decorator, who is going to reupholster and re-cane two chairs plus make a dust ruffle for the master bedroom.

After that, we headed for the hearing doctor as we are both losing some of our hearing ability. Amazingly enough, our symptoms match perfectly, and they are going to sell us first-class hearing aids for a mere $7600 each! They are wired to our iPhones, so we can make adjustments if need be.

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