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About Us

Sue and I met at Rockwell in the early 1970’s but both of us were married.  We got together again  1985 on the Space Station proposal.  We married in March of 1988.

We retired in March of 2007 after 75 years with the Boeing Company. Retirement is the point where a person stops employment completely. While most people worry about “adjusting to retired life” we fell into it immediately. The next day would be a proper time!

We were so busy these days that I am often tickled by the thought of going back to work to rest (not!). Part of retirement is working on our web site which is a collection of humor and observations about retirement (aka being old). Please enjoy!

The Lord took my precious Sue in February of 2020 and I was devastated having lost my sidekick of 35 years!

Sue & Paul Enjoy Afternoon Tea At The Huntington Library

Sue & Paul Enjoy Afternoon Tea At The Huntington Library

Sue told me in no uncertain terms that should something happen, either of us should move on with the support of our families.

In July of 2020, I asked a mutual friend out to dinner.  Dr. Mary Côté, Sue, and I have known each other for almost two decades.  The dinner was just to be a simple “hey, how’s it going?” but over the past year, it blossomed into a full-scale romance.  On the one-year anniversary of our first “date”, we got married at the same restaurant with a small group of friends and family.

Happily married 7/28/2021

We are so happy that the Good Lord sent us in each other’s direction.

We have been married for about three years now.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. C marie mackie says:

    Was looking on web for info on Sue Soderstrom pilot owned Northern airmotive and your diary website. Dont know if same Sue. She was friend and my boss. Flew Be18 out of Kenosha.

  2. Paul says:

    Sorry… No Sue Soderstrom here

  3. Nick says:

    Was looking at history of retailers and came across your site. I worked at Ralph’s 5 & 10 for a few years in the 70’s, the Van Nuys location. You’ve got a great site – reminds me of how things were. We had old Ben and Malcolm as the managers – wow, what memories. All the best. Nick

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