About This Blog

We retired and thought it might be fun to keep a running blog on our activities so we can look back and share with some friends. Do, in the mornings er update the blog from the day before.

We have some activities which we consider just “normal” and therefore you will not see them in every daily diary entry. They are Church on Sunday mornings, dancing during the week at the Phoenix Club, Elks Lodges, or Senior Centers, and golf at Old Ranch three or four times during the week!

Oh, Disneyland at the drop of a hat!! We sneak in botanical gardens, museums, and other neat things on  Mondays when the golf course is having a tournament. We are members of the Zoological Society, the Museum Society (Bowers, and many more), and season ticket holders at OC Performing Arts Center, Cerritos Performing Arts Center, and South Coast Rep.

Most important are friends and we are truly blessed!

Busy? Yup! Keeps us young!  Did I forget our 6:30 am aerobic walk?

Us at Disneyland's fifthieth irthday

Us at Disneyland at their fiftieth birthday