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Three Hours Ahead And It Already Hurts!

Remember: Dentists, helping you put your money where your mouth is.

It’s 5:00 AM and I am up and ready to rock and roll!  OK, not rock and roll…I am spending some quiet time with my teeth before they are assaulted by the Oral Surgeon.  I was a patient of his previously, several years ago, and the memories are good!  Not quite a “Painless Potter” as played by Bob Hope in 1948 but darned close!  I am putting my teeth in his hands and my my age, that is an accomplishment in of itself!

Good guy AND he went to USC!!!

Dr. Fariborz Farsio graduated from Dental School in 1991 and entered into a private practice in 1992. Dr. Farsio did his residency and received his doctorate degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California. He went to receive his Certificate in Endodontics from the University of Southern California.

Did You Know? Endodontists are dentists who specialize in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy — procedures, involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp. The word “endodontic” comes from “endo” meaning inside and “odont” meaning tooth. Like many medical terms, it’s Greek.

My beautiful bride also got up early to send me off into the mouth of the lion…really, she made sure I ate and took my pills!

So… I went and the teeth were re-examined and I got a partial root canal today…the decay was bad enough into the jaw bone that the Doc said, with great glee, “EXTRACTION!”.  He sent me packin qith only half the job completed…and one more to go!

So, I returned home after making an appointment for another root canal on #15 next Monday followed by an extraction of #14 on the 13th…keep that all straight, right!  Thank goodness Sue was here to write it all down!

After returning home, I took Sue to get her hair cut and while she was getting more beautifuller (if that is possible), Paul walked over to Ganahl (yes, it is spelled correctly) Lumber and shopped for some parts needed for jobs around the house. 

Personalized service

Ganahl Lumber Company is the oldest lumberyard and hardware supply store in the State of California. Since 1884, they have been a family and employee owned business selling building supplies and hardware for pro contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Lunch time…decisions…decisions…decisions!  OK, it’s Panda Inn time meaning onto the 605 to the 91 to the Panda Inn on Orangethorpe.  Great food and we like the people there a lot! It’s the place we all go for Christmas Day dinner and have for years!

Great food and really nice people

Returning home, I took a nap as I was up at 4:30 AM because I was anxious about the planned tooth work.  I slept until about 4:00PM and felt really good.  Sue woke me up with her beautiful smile and an offer of pain medication!  I must think about getting her a nurses cap!

We got freshened up and headed to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center to see “Mamma Mia”…for the third time.  The Branders joined us as it was Leon’s 80th birthday so we celebrated and teased him unmercifully (it was I that did the teasing)!.

We went without all 80 candles for obvious reasons

CCPA is close to our home and they have a load of performances this season.  We bought 121 tickets, which include 61 just for us, this season.  Why the odd number, we bought extras to be able to invite guests along with us.  In the near future, we will be seeing:

Shirely McLaine
Bill Engvall
In The Mood
The Nelsons Christmas
Lettermen Christmas
Manheim Steamroller

Great show this evening!

Mamma Mia was, as usual, great! The  smash hit based on the songs of Swedish super-group ABBA is a vivacious musical comedy about mothers, daughters, old friends, and new family.

Packed with unbridled energy and enthusiasm, this Broadway blockbuster tells the story of an independent single mom who’s about to give away in marriage the spirited daughter she’s raised alone on an idyllic Greek island. Its lighthearted and unforgettable score not only makes Mamma Mia! a joy to watch, but you won’t be able to resist singing along and getting caught up in the fun. Paul got a lot of applause just after he sat down after dancing to “Take A Chance On Me”

The live orchestra (which, by the way, beats a dead one) featured  “Dancing Queen” “Take A Chance On Me” “Money, Money, Money” “Lay All Your Love On Me” “The Winner Takes It All” “Knowing me, Knowing You” “Super Trouper” “Thank You For The Music”.

We had super seats and the Branders seemed to really enjoy the presentation!  All is good!

Home away home, we arrive home about 10:35 OM so we watched one episode of NCIS before crashing for the evening…tomorrow is a day of rest,,,so far!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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