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Day 20 – Graceland Here We Come!

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

We have a seven-hour drive across Tennessee.  We plan a leisurely drive across the state as it is quite scenic.

Oh my!  We were in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee today.  The drive was easy as we got a special pass that allowed us to stop at every restroom along the 300+ mile path.  Mary checked them out, and on average, they got a 4.0 grade.    The lowest grade was discounted because we did not know how to consider the alligator.

The drive was beautiful as we were in Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama during our drive.  The roads were in better condition than in California and were much cleaner.

We finally arrived in Memphis around 4:30 pm and settled into the Guesthouse at Graceland.

The Guest House at Graceland is owned and operated by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Our friends were staying at the pyramid, so we drove down there, which was about a 15-minute experience!

The Memphis Pyramid, formerly known as the Great American Pyramid and the Pyramid Arena, and colloquially known as the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, is a pyramid-shaped building located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, United States, at the bank of the Mississippi River.

We will be dining at the pinnacle of this impressive pyramid!

Inside was a fantastic outdoor store with everything a sportsperson could wish for.

Inside was a ginormous sporting goods store – A wonderland for Zachary!!

The pond was big enough to hold several boats.

It has a lake for showing boats!  And it had three alligators (within cages).

We got lost looking for the elevator to the Pinnacle Restaurant.

We were looking for the elevator identified as the world’s tallest free-standing elevator.

Step onto the country’s tallest free-standing elevator and journey 300 feet in the air to take in the sights of Memphis, Tennessee. This 28-story elevator features floor-to-ceiling glass, giving you a bird’ s-eye view of the pyramid.   At the top, Mary stepped out onto the glass observation deck to experience the best views of downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River.   Being the smarter of this couple, I stayed inside, glued to the safety railing near our table.

More camping goodies on display

We could see forever.

The view of the river and city was outstanding.

We had a great meal. I chose the Scallops and Grits, while Mary chose the pasta.

That’s my girl!

Above the bar was a set of metal sculptures of creatures that hunters might go after.

The bar overhead was decorated with welded critters.

After a fantastic meal, we headed back home.    Cheyenne accompanied us and was a good boy the entire time.

Cheyenne would not cooperate with the picture.

Our dining area was at the top of this fantastic structure. It is barely visible in the picture.

At night, it looked quite different.

As we entered, we heard music at the hotel, which meant…dancing.

We returned to the hotel and headed for the lobby; we heard dance music.

We went VFR to the bar and ordered a glass of wine while dancing the light fantastic across the main lobby.

We danced to several swing songs and waltzed around the lobby, with customers applauding us while enjoying a glass of wine.

We crashed around 11:00 pm. The dancing did us in, so we dropped like flies.

Tomorrow, we drove 0.2 miles to Graceland at a 10:15 am appointment.

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