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Day 13 – Another Day At Sea; Grand Caymens Here We Come!

A big AMEN to that one!

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

The ocean was calm, and the sun shone, making for a magnificent day on the water!  We have 500 miles to make it to Grand Cayman,


Days at sea are very tiring. One would think you sit around all day and count the fishies, but that is untrue. We have to decide between many activities, so we plan the day when we get up in the morning.

We hit the floor running. First, we headed to the spa/fitness center, where Mary did Yoga for an hour, and I peddled a bike for 50 minutes, doing five miles on a 5% gradient. I burned 400 calories!

The workout area can hold 200 people, all using up-to-date machines!

After a good workout, we headed to the restaurant and found healthy food. Well, food, anyway. The buffet had everything one could ask for.  Mary met the sous chef from Germany; he was happy to have someone to talk to in German!

There are so many choices!

Then I remembered what happened last week at the market!  It’s fine to eat a test grape in the produce section, but one bite of rotisserie chicken, and it’s all, “Sir, you need to leave!”

From there, we returned to the spa, but something happened to our reservation.  We were disappointed so we departed for the room until the next event    Mary found the letter from the Spa Manager thanking us for using the facilities and for signing up for four couples’ massages.

We took the letter upstairs to the receptionist, and she was very apologetic She gave us another 15 minutes at no charge for later in the afternoon! Problem solved.

We almost had an opening, but the Ice Man Cometh!  From a large block of ice, Chop Chop soon made it into a beautiful ice sculpture.

The weather was tropical; that’s perfect!

I would NOT want to meet this guy in a dark alley and have him angry at me!

Someone had to be working.

Within ten minutes, he made a beautiful sculpture out of a solid block of ice!

A Hawaiian house against a flower backdrop!

OK, the morning is finished, but wait, there is more. At 12:45, we had a champagne and chocolate tasting in the dining room, so we dashed to the Grille and met up with David.  We tasted three sparking wines and selected from six different fine chocolates.

We tasted until we had to leave for the next appointment!

We ran upstairs to the spa and headed to the massage area, where we enjoyed 70 minutes of luxury. Mary says I fell asleep; imagine that!   We felt like “Wet Noodle Nelson” after this session.

They tried to take my picture, but alas, the camera lens cracked.

It was now 3:00 p.m., and the massage was over, so we went VFR to our suite because tonight was a formal night. We needed to get cleaned up and change into the tux and gown for formal pictures.  We dined at Sabatini again. Their Italian dining is quite good, plus the restaurant is 16 floors up and overlooks the ocean.

She brightens up the restaurant every evening.

After dinner, we had planned to attend a magic show. However, when we arrived a little late, we found that all the seats were taken. So, we decided to do some laundry instead. We took our dirty clothes to the laundromat, and within an hour, we had clean clothes.  We stayed with the clothes and ready our paperwhite readers.

From there, it was dancing or sleeping; we decided we needed to rest. It had been a fantastic, active day!

Chasing the Sun!

Tomorrow, we swim with the stingrays on Grand Camen Island!

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