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Day 9 – Zip Lines In Puentaneras Costa Rica

We are off to risk our lives walking over jungles on little bridges and hanging on a tiny cable at 95 miles an hour!

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

We were up at 6:00 am and walked onto the balcony.  The port was roomy, and we will be dockside this morning.

Oh my, it is going to be a hot one today!

Then I re-read the instructions/information: The tour requires moderate physical activity and is designed for active people who enjoy exercising outdoors.  The maximum waist allowed on the Zip Line is 50?  to fit into the harness.  The max weight for the zip line is 220- 240 pounds.  The minimum age requirement is six years old.  This trip is not recommended for those with heart or back problems or for pregnant women.

The busses were right next to the ship, so it was a short walk to the Mercedez’s brand new rides, which have GREAT air conditioning!  I made sure to wear a hat, and when we got to the zipline, they said, “No Hats” because no one wanted to chase them when they blew off.

My name?  007!

We took an hour bus ride to the location, as we needed mountains from which to zip!  The countryside was lush even though it was the dry season.  The rivers looked beautiful until the guide pointed out the alligators sleeping on the river’s banks!

Look carefully!

When we arrived, we looked for the “facilities” as soon as possible; the morning coffee worked well!  We looked at the map and realized what we were in for.

Oh My!  Nine opportunities to feed the wildlife!

Then, it was off to get hooked up.  Oh my, we had staps going every which way!  Mary noticed her watch, and it revealed the temperature was 94 degrees!

Mary thought she got a new easter bonnet; I reminded her it was a brain basket!

We took the tram to the top of the mountain, 29,876 feet above sea level—well, maybe 2,000 feet.  We had to use nine hair-thin rusty iron cables to get to the bottom.  The longest one was 1,100 feet in length over an alligator-infested jungle.

They took ten people at a time, and twenty cars were going up and back

When Mary mounted up and was ready to go, I could hear the alligators licking their lips!

The gators sound hungry!!  She made it, and the gators were very disappointed!

I was under zero pressure, and it did not bother me a bit!

I kept my legs (and other critical parts) high and away from the gators!

All I heard from her was “Geronimo.” She then jumped, grinning at the gators and daring them to take a bite; they frightened easily!

The walk between the various lines is called “moderate.”

It was moderate for a 40-year-old, maybe.  Mary and I sounded like steam locomotives as we ended our walks between the lines!

We walked on many stairs between the various takeoff and landing platforms.

We never knew our legs could get so tired.

Ah ha, civilization… the gift shop!

Evidence in the form of T-shirts was needed.

After the ziplining, we went to the main tent and had a Costa Rican black beans and rice lunch.  We also downed a beer to cool off.

The local beer was pretty good!

The dining hall could hold 200 people, and it was air-conditioned to the outside temperature.

Open air dining in the jungle!

As we finished our meal, we felt someone was staring at us; indeed, it was true.  Lizzy was under our table, waiting for us to drop something!

We met a new friend!

The ride back was excellent, and the roads were in great shape.

Sixty-five minutes, and we were home in our suite!  (via the bar, of course)

The ship never looked so good!

Hello AC

We were delivered right to the gangplank, and with some assistance, we made it to the top!

We were soaked and looking for something to drink!

We returned to the cabin, cleaned up, and ate dinner with David.

Dinner is served!

Our friend David joined us for dinner.

Time to crash!

When dinner was over, we went VFR to our room as we were pooped out; no dancing tonight!

Tomorrow is a restful day at sea before we hit the locks on Monday!

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