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Day 7 – Ensenada Mexico And Vino!

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We discussed our next cruise!

We had a sound sleep without waking up all night long.  We kept the veranda door open to listen to the sound of the ocean waves, which added to our comfort.  I woke up at 5:00 am, and we prepared ourselves to visit Ensenada Harbor, Mexico.

We got into port around 7:00 am, and by 8:30 am, we were on our way to taste wine.

The harbor was silent except for the chirping of birds and the barking of seals.

Every time we visit, the water appears crystal clear, and the city seems to have improved.

Mary attempted to communicate with the seals, but they didn’t respond.  We need a guide on how to speak the Seal language.  I tried, and two passengers threw me a fish!

“fut bat gom to bookie by diddle do” – It did not work!

The Carnival ship arrived after us and departed before us in the afternoon. Is there a message here?

We don’t even want to think about what happened there this morning.

Before heading downstairs, I stopped by the private Neptune Lounge to get the boss her morning latte and a sweet roll.  I also grabbed some orange juice and a bit of salmon for myself.  This was a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of normal shipboard activities.

The private areas are nice!

We met in the lounge and then headed out to the buses in the rain.  There was a light mist, which everyone said was desperately needed.  I am happy to report no one melted.

The buses were modern and clean!

The first winery was about a 20-minute drive up the coast on Hwy #1.  It was spacious and served regular food like a restaurant, but unfortunately, the kitchen was not yet open when I visited, and I could not get a taco.

Let’s eat!

Many of the offerings at the winery included hot peppers, which we found interesting as we walked around and looked at everything.

Hot Stuff!!

The image captures why we want to cruise with our children and grandchildren!

We left the first winery and drove three miles to the second, which was more modern and had interesting displays.  If we had space, we would have bought the wine bottle Christmas tree, empty of course.

Bring us wine, Santa!

No, wait!  Maybe bring us this bottle of wine instead!

That is a bottle of wine!

We continue to taste, and Nick blends in well with the crowd.  He’s quite a young man, and after taking a vote, we’ve decided to keep him!

Pour more!

We returned to the ship around noon, and it was misting again.  We stopped for a picture.  Bob set up his camera to get all five of us.

We were ready for a hot tub and hamburger session!

Mary decided not to get wet!  Her trash bag became her best friend.

Setting a new trend.

We went to the hot tub in the adults-only spa area.

Always hand in hand.

We had a small pizza at the pool bar.  I had a “Pain Killer,” Mary went for the Bloody Mary.  We sat there and jabbered for a good hour before going to our rooms to get ready for dinner.

On our last night of the cruise, we enjoyed a delicious meal in the main dining room at 6:00 pm.

Mary wore green so she could wear her new jewelry.

Mary’s favorite color is emerald green.

I finally had my sushi!  It was excellent.

What type of sushi does a soldier like?  A combat roll.

It tasted as good as it looked.

We enjoyed dinner with the Dudas and discussed our wonderful vacation!

Bob took the pictures for us; he is an excellent photographer.

Look out, the steaks have arrived.

Dinner with my bestest friend.

Mental note: Hide the bathroom scales for a few weeks.

If Amazon sold meat, it would be Prime rib.

Mary asked me, “Do you know what all prime rib really is?” I replied, “A rib divisible only by itself and one?” The eye roll was audible.

My prime rib was outstanding.

We went to a magic show, and I even stayed awake.

The theater was packed.

On our way to the suite, we stopped and retrieved some photos of us.  These are three out of about twenty we found.

We will return to the USA tomorrow and be home by 2:00 pm.  Good night!

THE END of our Cal Coast Adventure

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