Surprise! Surprise!

“…things happen when you least expect them. Things that can change your whole life.”

Time to walk…gotta keep those pounds off! Today was a shortie… just an hour as we have the doctor to see! Come visit the Christmas Walking site to see what I saw!

I had the camera out!  Snap! Snap! Snap!

So we are off to my doc bring and early taking a short detour to pickup some paper along the way.  I should have known something was amiss when we had to park in the basement…first time in  20 years!

The results show I have a totally blocked internal left carotid artery meaning the other two arteries are picking up the slack.  We got sent to a neurosurgeon immediately and are expecting to do a CT-Scan later this week to see what the plan of attack it.  Damn, just when things are looking up!

The internal carotid seems to be 100% blocked… CT-Scan to verify this week

Tomorrow morning I head for a blood test to make sure the stuff they put in the arteries to take the CT-Scan will be OK. Then, we are off to the hospital for the CT-Scan which will be electronically sent to the surgeon to see what the plan it…cold be surgery before Christmas…who knows?

We went to Mama’s for a late lunch (3:00 PM after hours waiting in doctors offices) and had a great lunch.  I did biscuts and gravy with two frieds boneless chickens on top while Sue enjoyed a veggie sandwich which was apparently pretty good! 

So that was the bad news…here is the good news!  Our two great grand babies in New Hampshire!  

Logann & Calan!

After returning home, I paid some bills online and then Echo’ed Lisa and we decided it was time to get everybody hooked up.  So I called Robin and she fired up her Echo Show and voila, we be connected!

Works great!
Hello Robin!  That’s me in the upper right hand corner!

So, we now have Amy/Joe, Lisa/Pete, and Robin/Bob…  My goal it to get Zachary, Jonathan, and Colleen on-board so we have our kids and older grandkids!  Love the family.

We watched a Christmas movie and then crashed about 11:00 PM.  We attempted to watch two other Christmas movies but they were either childish or too-slow…

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