Where Does Tome Go?

I hate jokes about prom. The punch line is always too long.

On this very rainy day!

OK, let’s get the show on the road.  I departed home at 9:00 AM to head for the blood test!  I had studied all night long so I had confidence I would pass it. Well…it was a rainy day and I, single handedly, controlled the rain.  It would be no rain as I drove but the second I stopped, opened the door, and headed to a building, it would pour cats and dogs!  I never realized I had so much power!

Inside: dry – Outside: Cats & Dogs

Blood test complete but it took a while between the old folks and non-English speaking people that could not figure out how to sign in using the kiosk, it took forever.  I waited and waited…some people took ten minutes to sign in.  I was done in 35 seconds, I timed it!  Frustrating!  It was irritating to have the Mexicans who can’t speak English tie everything up,  The workers had to leave their stations, come around to help them use the computer at the kiosk which meant they could not process the people who had filled out the computer…anyway, 45 minutes to fo what normally take 10 minutes!  It wasn’t just one, it was 5-6 people?

Next…to the vino store and hardware store.  I had previously ordered champagne so it was ready for pickup…that part was easy!  Next, Lowe’s and I had to get one more roll-around rack for the garage.  I am within 30 minutes of being able to hose out the garage anytime day or night!  Yeah!

Random Memory;  I wished my Dad could see me and “the shop” now.  It’s no big thing but he would be impressed and amazed by some of the tools that are now common place.  I picked up a 1/2 battery powered impact driver and was amazed that I have used it several times on jobs around the house.  Makes fastening nuts and bolts easy as pie.  The battery powered hand grinder with cutting wheels is quite a took…I made some support for the trees as they are loaded with fruit and the rain would have probably broken the branches.  With the cutting wheel, I could notch the 2″x2″‘s with ease!

I just love my tools…can’t wait for something to break!

After getting home,  I worked in the office for quite a while as it was raining.  Suer was reading and I finalized the list for the Christmas Play, made reservation for the Avalon Ball in May of this coming year, went over the list for the New Years Eve party (where we have 100 family and friends joining us), sent out December birthday cards (and Hanukah cards), paid some bills, talked to our financial manager, and filed a mess of papers into the filing cabinet.  That took a couple of hours!

Last years Christmas Play

We watched two Christmas movies this evening, “A Season For Miracles” with Patty Duke as an angel and then “Christmas Tails“.   We finished the evening with a couple of sitcoms and some tookies and crashed about 11:15 PM.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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