Girls Night Out With Gusto!

That says it all!

We were a bit lazy and didn’t arise until almost 7:00 AM.  Today Scout, aka, “The Stinky One”, goes to the beauty parlor to get ready for his sister to arrive on Saturday.  We dropped him off at 10:50 AM and then set the GPS on Dianne and David’s abode to drop off some goodies.

At 11:10 AM, we set sail for the Santa Ana Elks Lodge for the weekly Girls’ Night Out.   Today we had a gaggle, or was it a blast or perhaps a flock of friends gathering for the devouring of the grub?  We had the Ashes, Sydney and Hal, George, Bob Carlson, Iris, Will, and even us!

The gang is visiting!

Sydney and Bob catch up after several weeks of not seeing each other.

Serious conversations are underway!

The other end of the table is a frightening sight when attempting to eat. They are, however, harmless most of the time.

Would you buy a used car from these people?

Someone said my head was shiny, and they may be right.  Mary said she had some wig powder at home!  This gives a new meaning to “chrome dome!”

Whaddaya mean I am shiny?

Ronnie was having lunch with his kids today, so we stopped by, and Mary gave him a chocolate rose (because he is so kind as to deliver roses to the ladies when he comes by!).  They seem to be nice folks.

We visited Ronnie and his kids!

We picked up Scout, The Wonder Dog, from the beauty parlor on our way home.  We spent thirty minutes telling him how beautiful he was before leaving for Jan’s house.  We had a spare fettuccini alfredo from the lodge, and we took it to Jan’s house.  We visited Jan for a good hour before going home.

At home we watched a John Wayne movie and then crashed!

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