Happy Independence Day! God Bless America!

Fact: The ‘Pennsylvania Evening Post’ was the first newspaper to print the Declaration.  It came out in the newspaper on July 6, 1776, for everyone to see after a local printer named John Dunlap produced copies of the declaration’s manuscript.

Our news should be that slow today (It might help the real truth come out)

No hot tub this morning; we will finish the library, somehow or the other!!  We worked for two solid hours going through the cookbooks and either donating them or putting them to the side if they were vegetarian (standby Michele).

Someone once said.  “Books are the windows to our soul!” In our case, it is the window into our stomachs.

Ten shelves are nicely sorted and grouped.

Mary headed for the kitchen to make the flag cake for the party at Joe’s, and I installed a  new security camera on the She-Shed that encompasses the new vegetable garden.

I told Mary, “In baking, you sometimes need to take whisks.”  Then I added, “A balanced diet is having a piece of cake in each hand.”

We decided we would be better off with three states; Texas, Florida, and everything else except California, New York, and New Jersey.

The cake looks great, and I know the topping is excellent because Mary brought me out the beaters to lick when she was done; yummy!!  This time, she did not have the beaters on the mixer with the mixer still running; we learn as we age.

A flag cake.

I snapped a picture of our flags since it was waving the right way for a change.  The next flag will be Halloween!  Christmas is almost here.

We flew the colors today with pride!!

With the new garden comes birds, so we took Michele Vallari’s advice and procured a series of sold metal whirlygigs.  When we are done, we will have ten of these guys around the backyard, and they are quite attractive and drive the birds nuts.

Our new all-metal whirlygigs are starting to be delivered!

Did You Know?  The word whirligig comes to us from Middle English whirligig (“whirling top”), which is itself from whirling, meaning “to whirl,” and gigg, meaning “(toy) top.”

Today was a fantastic day; it was 75 degrees with a cool breeze!  Watching the fireworks at Joe’s tonight will be fun.

Time to get ready to go!

We took showers and cleaned up, and packed the car for the trip to our Son’s home in La Mirada.  We were ahead of schedule, so we decided to stop at Jan’s and hang out for a while.  We met up with Bridgette and Mike, who was leaving as we pulled up.

Off to Joe and Amy’s to celebrate the 4th.  Join us for fun!

Family Fireworks At Joe & Amy’s, we are blessed with two amazing kids!

We all talked and ate and talked and ate and, well, you know!  We decided we needed a picture of ourselves and our little one.

Family Fireworks At Joe & Amy’s, the cake is about to be carved!

It was time to fly the drone and do the fireworks.   The drone came outside with us, and I flew it up and down the street.  Jow took it way up in the sky as his eyesight is much better than mine.  We took a load of pictures.

The view from 30 feet up!

Joe is setting up, and the boys are on the grass awaiting darkness so the show can begin.  I asked Charlie and Alex, “What do you call a duck who likes watching fireworks?  A firequacker.”  I was booed off the driveway.

On with the show!

Joe is good at fireworks displays.  He has got a flair for it.  Selling fireworks around the 4th of July must be a booming industry!

The show began with a boom!  We all had fun, and even more impressive, Apollo just sat there and watched the whole thing; not even a whimper!

He took it all in stride!

The fireworks were amazing and the amount of fireworks in the area was  mind boggling.

Joe and Amy put on a fantastic show for everyone!

We headed home about 9:30 PM to check on Scout; he was barking but not too severely.  He may have been barking at the country-western channel we left going when we departed earlier.

Mary got the best show of the night as we were driving the freeways and being slightly elevated she got a 360 view of the sky lighting up!

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