We Worked! And Worked! And Worked!

Teamwork is important; it helps to put the blame on someone else.

Since Mary and I bought the house, we are cleaning up things before we start packing in the next 30 days.  Actually, the escrow will clear on the 15th and I should be in position to move in immediately.  It is my plan to hire people who pack and move everything.

Well, Miss Mary, being a sentimental person, kept loads of her children’s school work and awards.  We are going through thirty boxes of goodies, and she is taking time to touch each document and card and decide on keeping or passing them on to the kids.  It’s a lot of work.

She would find things and then recant the stories behind them.  I videoed a few of the stories.  Here is one about “Ghostbusters” as David was an official ghostbuster.

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.  She didn’t realize she was making memories; she just knew they were having fun.  Each of the kids will end up with a big box of cards, photos, school work, grade cards, and other memories.  I hope they receive the gift in the way it was meant by their mother.  They should save and share those memories with their families at some time in the future.

It was touching to watch Mary go through quarter century’s worth of memories; I saw smiles and tears and puzzled looks.  I was glad I was there to make sure she was OK.  All the things my mother saved for me got destroyed in the airplane crash that took out half of her house back in 1990.

The P-51 went through the back of the house leaving part of the kitchen and den standing.

The pilot and co-pilot “walked away” after a lot of work.

We began working at 8:00 AM, and except for an hour at 11:00 AM where we watch our televangelist, we constantly worked until almost 6:00 PM.  We were so tired I suggested we order a pizza.  We did so, and it was wonderful.  We hit the sack at 8:00 PM—a long but productive day.

Mary asked why I had a pizza slice in both of my hands? This is what I call a well-balanced meal.  Of course, I told Mary that the food pyramid was inspired by the shape of the pizza slice.

We make a good team working together seamlessly and recognizing each other’s needs, the day went fast and we were happy with the results.

We did get a call from the local bar about Scout, The Wonder Dog.  He had his ID out again.

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