Monday Is Here; We Survived The Weekend

I like Tuesday simply because it is the furthest from next Monday I can be. On Tuesday you can relax a little knowing Monday is far, far away.

Mary went off to work while I prepared my checklist for the house inspection scheduled at 11:30 AM.  My son Joe and best friend Bob Z. are joining me for the inspection.  I made a detailed list of questions and put in measurements that I needed.

First things first, where is the power! How is the solar system connected, etc., etc., etc.?   We found the systems.

Power boxes everywhere, and they are protected and out of sight!

We followed a wire from the power area to the backyard and it was the sprinkler lines.  So, I plan to pull that line and replace it with a Hunter PRO-HC PHC-600 Residential Outdoor Professional Grade Wi-Fi Controller with Hydrawise Web-Based Software. Translation: we can control all the sprinkler via Alexa or our phone and it listens to the local weather station and adjusts accordingly. 

Did you hear the one about the sprinkler that tried to spray a man in the eye? It completely mist!

Time to put in a computer-based control system to turn them on and off via our phones.

Beyond our backyard wall, there is a drainage ditch and then the elementary school.  We can’t see anything from our yard. The kids were outside and it was pleasant to hear them.

Our yard drains to the ditch! No drainage problems here!

The trees are new, but they grow six inches per year. They are podocarpus.  Podocarpus is a genus of conifers, the most numerous and widely distributed of the podocarp family, the Podocarpaceae. Podocarpus species are evergreen shrubs or trees, usually from 1 to 25 m tall, known to reach 40 m at times.

Podocarpus blocks the back fence.

We will probably expand the patio after moving in, but it will be great this summer. Between Mary’s plants and men, the place will look like a forest when we are done.

The patio is well-drained, and the patio opens into the family room with accordion doors.

The view from the master bedroom is nice and relaxing. We are toying about opening it up using accordion doors.

The yard has a lot of room. This is a picture is from “The Ballroom.”

View from the ballroom.

In the garage, we found a “secret storage area.”

Holiday boxes go here!

Thank you to my Super Son, Joe, and my best friend, Bob Z., to check on everything and provide advice and counsel.  You are a blessing in my life!

Joe had to go to a doctor’s appointment so Sydney, Bob, and I went to Rockwell’s in Villa Park.

Bob Z. after a hard morning of inspecting!

I told them, “Some people ask the secret of our long friendship. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music, and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.”

Sydney and I shared a healthy salad and an unhealthy burger!

I stopped by Mary’s on the way home to water Scout, The Wonder Dog.  Mary and I arrived at my place at about the same time.  I freshened up and we headed to the Himalayan Grill.

I spent an hour with the Sewer District before returning to the dance.  We headed home to Orange about 9:30 PM.

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