Another Week Gets Underway

“Grief is not a disorder, a disease, or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical, and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve.” – Earl Grollman

Sue was a giving person and connected with my existing family in many ways. Colleen, my youngest daughter, came into our lives with her son Jon in 1989, and they have been amazing friends for thirty years.  This picture was taken in our back yard soon after we all got together.  Sue and Colleen were quite close, especially through the years, her husband Pete was in and out of the country while serving the US Marines.

I will always remember the year Sue and I were in Australia and not scheduled to return home until about mid-December.  We talked about putting up Christmas and doing the tree as soon as we returned.  Well, we arrived in the USA, headed home, walked in the door, and could have been knocked over with a feather!  Colleen and Pete, with “help” from Jon, had decorated the house and tree working for three days straight to surprise us.  Surprise?  OMG, it was terrific.

When Sue passed, Colleen spent almost two weeks with me beginning the grieving process and doing the things I needed to be done.  We talked a lot about Sue and the great times we had together.  We shared many of the fantastic memories, including the Eight O’Clock Phone Calls (another story).  I miss you, my amazing wife, I miss you all the time.

Sue and Colleen had an extraordinary relationship!


The day began with a cup of coffee, and three can lights!  Oops!  It may have been three cans of coffee and a cup of light?  Hells bells, I get so confused. Anyway, the coffee got my heart started so that I could install the new can lights.

Today I had that empty feeling that happens once in a while.  It’s a huge house, and I was alone.  So, the first thing after starting to feel lonely, I called Colleen.  We talked, laughed, and shared for half an hour. She brightens my day!  Then Joe called, and again, the day gets brighter.  A few minutes later, Michele called!  Were they ready my mind?  Am I wired and don’t know it?

It’s 10:00 AM, and the gate-guy is scheduled to arrive.  To help him, I removed the gates using the handy-dandy Makita impact gun.  It was so easy to take down the barriers I was surprised.  I have the old lag screws, so tomorrow, a trip to the hardware store is in the offing because I  want to put in stainless steel replacements screws and buy new locks, etc.  By Friday, he will return the gates all brand new and ready to keep out the dragons and other beasties for another twenty years!

New gates are coming.

The tee-time today with Miss Charlotte was at 12:40 AM, so I decided to dive into a bowl of high-protein cereal, continue puttering around the house, and then get into my new shower! The tune “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” ran through my mind, only the strongest of self-control kept me from singing out loud.

The chrome hotel-like towel rack was installed in the new bathroom.  It’s a perfect location as it is out of the way but accessible.  I can store six sets of towels there quite easily.

That rack could hold a small cow!

I mentioned to Charlotte that Hoff’s was open for business and that they had outside tables.  I decided to pass through the parking area and snap a couple of shots to share with Charlotte and Wayne.

Hoff’s Hut is open for business.

I plan to have lunch Wednesday with Robin!  Perhaps dining outside might be fun! Hoff’s is half=way between my home and Robin’s work!

Who needs a parking lot?

We teed off at 12:40 AM sharp after some texting confusion, courtesy of me!  My first drive was terrific, an indicator of a good game ahead.  We terrorized the course finishing the first nine holes in an hour and forty-five minutes (I forgot to start the pedometer until I was half-way down the first fairway).

We had a super game, and I outdrove Charlotte (by eighteen inches) on hole two!  I was ready to go in and have a drink and call it a day, but she encouraged me to try it again.  I played from the ladies tees as 1) I do not keep score, and b) it allows more time to talk to Charlotte!  She has such a cheery attitude and even when my ball does a nose dive into the lake or hits the middle of a tree trunk she remains positive by saying such things as, “Paul, that can be used and an excellent example of how not to hit the ball!”

On hole two, I came so near to the pin that I decided a little assistance was needed.  Charlotte called “Fowl,” or was it “Foul”?

My nickname is “Windy.”

On six, Mr. Goose found her, and like they used to do with Sue, Mr. Goose ran right up, honked his horn twice, and asked or his order to be hand-delivered.  Miss Charlotte had he vitamin-fortified foul-food at the ready!

Charlotte and the goose have a mutual understanding.

The temperature was in the eighties, but the ocean breeze negated the effects of the heat!  It was a good day to be outside.

Today’s walk!

On our way to the clubhouse, Charlotte invited me to dinner.  I was thrilled as I didn’t want to dine alone tonight.  I did have to run home as Coach Carri was delivering some electronic goodies for the house at 3:00 PM. The Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge will allow my Alexa home system to control/dim all the kitchen lights as well as those in the bedrooms via Alexa.

Sue would have approved!

I was excited about having dinner with the Sanders so, I dropped by Ralph’s and brought some flowers; I know Charlotte loves flowers!  We dined and chattered for almost two hours in their backyard patio.  It was quite pleasant, and now I know for sure that Charlotte knows how to cook.  Dinner was a simple Danish meal (or so she says), and it was perfect for me.

We finished dinner with a mini-cream-cone from Trader Joe’s.  We watched the hummingbirds perform and birdies having a picnic. Fantastic meal, excellent company, and fabulous entertainment; what else could one ask for?

Their neighbors have a tree, and I believe it is a crabapple based upon what I could see. Crab apples are technically called such because of their size.  Technically, any tree that produces apples with a diameter of less than 2-inches is a crabapple tree. Most crabapple varieties have a sharp tart taste and a blend of sweet and sour.

Malus-Baccata was loaded with fruit.

Did You Know? Malus baccata is an Asian species of apple known by the common names Siberian crab apple, Siberian crab, Manchurian crab apple, and Chinese crab apple. It is native to much of northern Asia but is also grown elsewhere as an ornamental tree and for rootstock. It is used for bonsai. It bears abundant fragrant white flowers and edible red to yellow fruit of about 1 cm diameter.

Robin called at 8:00 PM, and we have the week planned.  Then, I called Lee, and we are going to have lunch at the Elks tomorrow.  It’s been quite a day, so I am heading to the sack a little early.

This meme came up on Facebook this evening so I thought it might be good to share.


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