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A Busy Day Doing Nothing!

First things first!  Were we attacked by bunnies last night?  I jumped out of bed, put on my work uniform, and inspected the garden.  I found one single turd, and it was probably a leftover from yesterday!

We are not claiming victory yet because Bob was working on the gas line, and all that noise may have kept them at bay.

I spent some quality time in the front yard, tying the Hollyhocks to the wall to try to convince them that vertical is the new horizontal. At about seven feet tall, they were reaching for the stars, and I had to bring them back down to earth!

Hollyhock flowers are pretty fascinating. Did you know that they are part of the mallow family and are native to Asia and Europe? These vibrant flowers can grow up to 8 feet tall and come in various colors like pink, red, white, and yellow. Another cool fact is that hollyhocks have been used for medicinal purposes in traditional medicine.

No more bending over and kissing the grass!

I’m thrilled to report that our Japanese Maple is thriving. Its stunning deep red foliage creates a beautiful contrast against the lush greenery in our front yard!

He needs a more substantial base around his bottom.

When Bob showed up, we said hello, and then I hit the office with a vengeance! I can see the top of my desk for the first time in weeks, and every bill has been paid! We went through all my clothes and reordered them in the closet, clearing off the office table and leaving only a picture on top. Mary came in and said, “I’ll go get a puzzle!” So the table will be full again soon!

We binge-watched “The Good Doctor” all afternoon. The series debuted on September 25, 2017. The Good Doctor has received generally mixed reviews from critics, who praised Highmore’s performance but criticized the series’ storylines and portrayal of autistic people. In April 2023, the series was renewed for a seventh season and premiered on February 20, 2024. It was later announced to be the final season.

Bob and his son finished the trench for the new gas pipeline.  Before the party, we wanted the line buried in the ground so we could remove the temporary cover as it was easy to see but also easy to trip over!

The gas line is now below the bricks, and there will be no tripping!

Bob is an excellent contractor and even moved the gas line and shutoff valve to be as close to the bricks as possible.  I can now turn the gas off in two places.

Tomorrow, after a night of drying, it will look like it’s had a spa day and emerge looking fabulous!

I will be so happy because we will no longer trip on the temporary cover!

Bob finished about 7:00 pm and headed home.

While continuing to watch “The Good Doctor” Mary made us a little lunch, I call it Mary’s Dagwood!

Oh my my my!

Mary and I went to Jeff’s home across the street and visited him for a while. We tried to entertain him, but the highlight of the visit was when his pet parrot started impersonating us!

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