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Day 8 – Let The Celebrations Begin

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After last night’s celebration, we started moving at 10:00 am.  At 11:00 am, the phone rang, and it was Amy and Lar who were downstairs and wanted to have some tea and say goodbye.

We threw on our cleanest, dirty clothes and headed to the Manor House front lawn, where we had tea, laughed, and giggled some more. We sat there for an hour, and at the end, the two guys from last night came looking for a jacket they had left last night.  We wondered how we got that jacket this morning.

Tea is served!

Returning to our room, we cleaned up because a get-together of the participants was planned at the local pub. The departure is scheduled at 4:45 p.m., so I had to get something to eat or celebrate on an empty stomach; it’s not a great idea.

Oh My! After the eighty-four-year-old lady finished her annual physical examination, Doc Murphy said to her, “You are in fine shape for your age, Mrs. Sullivan, but tell me, do you still have intercourse?” “Just a minute, I’ll have to ask my husband.” Mrs. Sullivan stepped out into the crowded waiting room and yelled out loud, “Sean dear, do we still have intercourse?” Suddenly, there was a hush in the waiting room. It was literally so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Sean answered impatiently, “If I have told you once, Kathleen, I have told you a hundred times. What we have is Blue Cross!”

We wandered down to the dining area and picked a seat near the window. Mary ordered soup, and I ordered a pastrami sandwich. Of course, we had a glass of wine to wash it down.

A fantastic view of the grounds.

We studied the map so in case we missed the bus, we could get to O’Grady’s pub.

I just read an article about the dangers of drinking, and it really scared me. I decided right then and there, that’s it, no more reading!

We ate a bite, and we did not want to drink on an empty tummy.

While we ate, the sky went from bright to rainy grey and back to glowing.

The view from the Manor House dining area.

Mary asked, “Paul, why don’t you give up the drinking?” I replied, “It’s much too late for me.” The virtuous Mary assured me, “It’s never too late.” I smiled and said, “Well, there’s no rush then.”

We hopped on the bus and took a short ride to the pub. It’s not just a pub; it is a family affair.

Did you happen to know? Dating back to 1789, the Malzard’s -O’Gradys Pub has been in the family of its current owner- Fred Malzard- for over five generations and 200 plus years. Initially, the business was started by James (“The Boss”) O’Grady on the main street of Stonyford Village, County Kilkenny, to service a population that had risen locally due to the opening of a large woolen mill. In 1894, Fred’s great-grandmother married a Malzard from the Channel Islands.

When Fred’s grandfather- Alfie Malzard- returned to Stonyford to manage the pub, the Malzard name was added to the pub front. Intriguing history aside, this pub is all about family and community. To this day, Fred’s parents live behind the pub, while Fred’s family (including his wife and three daughters) live on the same street, just a few doors away.

Passionately proud of his local village, Fred grew up on this street, went to school locally, played hurling (an ancient Gaelic game) in the local fields, and counted his neighbors as his friends. At the heart of this village is the Malzard-O’Gradys Pub, and at the heart of this pub is Fred Malzard, a man who knows how to bring together a local community in a lively celebration of storytellers, musicians, hurling enthusiasts (young and old), and experienced pint pullers.

In an atmosphere of pure fun—and in the presence of local people who happen to pop in for a chat and a drink—visitors are treated to an experience that compels them to become true Stonyford locals as they learn how to puck a hurl, pull a pint, sing-along, and dance with sheer delight and abandonment!

As we walked in, the pub was ready for us. Twenty-five pints of Guinness and a table full of appetizers waited for us.

rook and the O'Grady

The bus took us the two miles to Stoneybrook and the O’Grady Pub!

Mary met up with her two sons and two grandsons.  The little fellas (grandsons) are as cute as can be. Her sons David and Geoff watched all the goings on. It was great fun.

Mary visits the grandkids.

The drink of the day was posted.  Mary tried one, and I took a sip or two.

It was a lot of fun having Mary’s kids together at once. Now we can really call her Shorty!

David, Becky, Mary, and Geoff together again.

Dan and Becky were getting warmed up for the forthcoming sing-a-long.

The party is underway!

When in a new pub, you must try something new. Green Spot whiskey.

Did You Know? Green Spot is a single-pot still Irish whiskey produced specifically for Mitchell & Son of Dublin by Irish Distillers at the Midleton Distillery in Cork, Ireland. Green Spot is among the few remaining bonded Irish whiskeys, along with Mitchell’s three older offerings, Yellow Spot, Red Spot, and Blue Spot. It is one of only four whiskeys specifically produced for and sold by an independent wine merchant in Ireland.

Whiskey is required.

Two sips, and she was hammered!

Silly Mommy!

Adam is doing a great job of filling the beer glasses.

They are starting young.

I gave Dan some sage advice, seeing how I outnumber him by thirty years!  The advice came from a book I had just finished.

STANDBY – The music now begins, and we all sing.  Warning: ear protection might be necessary.

It is nice to be together with family.

Lots of visiting going on.

Mom and Daughter time is always special.

Becky and Mom

We left the pub around 9:00 p.m. and headed to 1757 for cocktails. About half the group joined us, and we finally hit the sack around midnight.

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