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Day 5 – Dublin To Mount Juliet

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That’s why I always recommend a good BM in the morning – Bloody Mary!

I once submitted ten puns to a joke competition.  I really thought with that many, one was sure to win.  Sadly, no pun in ten did.

At 7:30 am, I was summoned by the boss and requested to go downstairs and bring her a latte.  What was my choice?  I complied, promptly put on some clothes, and headed to the ground floor and the breakfast area.  I retrieved the latte and got myself a hot chocolate and a donut!

I was soon alerted that I had forgotten the straw!  All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.

Try it; it’s fun. I know Vibrant O’Goofy, Cheerful McNoodles, and Itchy O’Wacky will enjoy it.

Breakfast was grand, and we stayed for quite a while, filling up on fresh berries and other goodies for the upcoming highway adventure.

My doctor said I look like a million dollars – green and wrinkled.

We packed up, loaded the car, and went on “Mr. Toad ‘s Wild Ride, Part II.”

Hang on, here we go!

We made the trip in 55 minutes.  Mary got confused between kilometers and miles.  No wonder the telephone poles looked like picket fences.  We stopped twice so I could throw water on the glowing red rubber tires.  I kept yelling the current speed, but finally, the speedometer broke with the needle pegged up against the “danger” sign.

Zoom was an understatement.

The roads kept narrowing as we approached the estate.  Mary made me walk the last mile ahead of the car carrying a red lantern.  I looked like a big fat Bo Peep bringing in a large grey sheep.

The facility was immaculate (and clean also!).  The clouds were threatening, and the temperature hovered in the low 50s.

The sky was about to open up and rain, we just made it.

The facade was amazing.

She walked into the lobby and requested that I follow behind her by five paces with my head facing down.  I  implicitly followed her instructions.

Mary carried the piano bench while I had the remaining sixteen suitcases.

I overheard the conversation and immediately thought about the trunk at midnight being 42 degrees.   Maybe I can request a bath towel to keep me warm (if it does not cost extra)?

Why me???

After we found our room and freshened up, we headed to the bar but decided we needed to eat.   The Hound was a five-star dining experience; the food presentations were marvelous.   We met a lovely couple from Northern Ireland and spent the afternoon doing what Irish people do! hic!

A magnificent view of the range.

When our room was finally ready, we returned to the lobby to get the key and directions; Mary visited the security pheasant.  His name was Woody!

Mary tried her language skills on the bird.

When we found our suite, I decided to test the bed. I fell asleep within 45 seconds of entering the room. Mary covered me up, said a few words (which will not be repeated here), and waited two hours to dare wake me up!

Being the reigning champ of no hangovers, I popped up, straightened up my clothes, and assisted Mary to the Hound for a light dinner and a boggle of wine.

The rain keeps coming.

The roofs were all slate. Hard slate, such as purple or grayish-black Buckingham slate, can last 150 to 200 years.   However, you must keep the slate clean, or you could get moss buildup.

Slate roofs last forever.

We had one more bottle of wine (it sounds like an excellent name for a country western song). Mary had the soup special, and I had a Waldorf salad and a salmon appetizer.

Dinner at The Hound!

The presentations were terrific.   This beauty is salmon sitting on a diced onion with a beautiful sauce.

Salmon for dinner!

So, at the end of dinner, we were both shot!   Mary did her famous “Mary Grin,” which meant it was time to go home. After paying the bill, we both headed to the room, which was like the blind leading the blind.   After several wrong turns, we found the room.

The evening was perfect; I did NOT have to go to the car and sleep.  I did find the linen closet a little cramped.

We called Dianne, Robin, and Colleen but only talked to Colleen and Mark since it was noon on Saturday and everybody was out and about.

Mary, after her second glass of wine.

We crashed at 11:00 pm as tomorrow we are going to Waterford Crystal Factory and then to a formal high tea where I have promised to behave (fat chance!).  BTW, tomorrow is Mary’s birthday.

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