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Off Like A Flash!

Sometimes I feel like Tweety!

It’s 9:00 pm, and we’re on the road, taking the 55 to the 91 to the 57 to the 210 to the 5, and then we stopped for a gourmet brunch at McDonald’s in Gorman.

The first sign we saw was “Go Digital.”  It is NOT easy to order using their new system.

We needed breakfast.

They have it organized to make you buy more than you need!  We poked and scanned and finally decided we had the correct order.

Too complex.

We got on the road again quickly because we wanted to arrive before dark.  We ate in the car before pulling back on the freeway.   We then drove up the pass toward Tejon Pass and down the Grapevine.

Did You Know? – Tejon Pass marks the intersection of California’s two largest seismic faults: the San Andreas and Garlock fault systems.

The highest point of the pass is near the northwesternmost corner of Los Angeles County, north of Gorman.  Its elevation is 4,160 feet (1,270 m) along Peace Valley Road and Gorman Post Road, 70 miles (110 km) northwest of downtown Los Angeles and 46 miles (74 km) south of Bakersfield.

Interstate 5, which connects Southern California with the San Joaquin Valley and the north, reaches its highest point in the state, 4,144 feet (1,263 m), near the summit of Tejon Pass.

We whizzed up the I-5, getting to Saratoga at 4:00 pm.  We decided to have Indian food and went to Mandala Indian Cuisine in downtown Saratoga.  We had a great time!

The food was quite good, although not as hot and spicy as I would have liked.  We made up the difference with a bottle of wine.

Pat and Diane at dinner.

The four of us talked and talked and laughed and talked.

Just us!

I love the AI background replacement.

Thanks to AI!

After two bottles of wine, I was feeling no pain!

I could not control myself!

The restaurant was about two miles from Diane’s, and Pat got s there in one piece; Pat drove.  I was unwinding from the seven hours on the road.

Returning to Diane’s

We crashed!

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