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We Made It!

We had a good night’s sleep after visiting with Diane and Pat until 11:00 pm last night.   We had breakfast and continued visiting, waiting to see Patrick, Lisa, and Bennett around 10:30 am.

Breakfast is served.

Lisa’s first baby was wide awake and wanting attention.  Jeffery is a bundle of energy, making me tired just looking at him!

“OK, it is time to recognize!   I am here!”

Who is the proud grandpa?

Bennett looks pretty happy!

Bennett seemed to like the new toy we brought him.  It had a piano with five keys; each key played a note, told a story, or made a noise like a familiar animal.  Lisa’s degree in Child Care is undoubtedly paying off!  Patrick is also a doting parent; Bennett is lucky1

It has a five-key keyboard with all sorts of sounds.

Jeffery weaseled into the photos to ensure we knew he was there.

Hey, remember me?

We said goodbye after an hour so the baby could get his scheduled morning nap.  We will see them again at 4:00 pm at LaFondue over in Saratoga.

Bye for now!

We returned to Diane’s and continued visiting until around 3:45 pm when we went to LaFondue.  We walked in the garden and admired all the work of making it pretty.

We visited the backyard.

We are off to LaFonue, which is on the main street, going through the three-block-long business district of Saratoga.

It is located right in the center of the business district.

James and Hannah were the first ones there.

Diane, Pat, James, and Hannah! No longer is Pat the taalest!

My favorite subject is ready-to-eat!

The candles are real!

At La Fondue, they have reimagined the classic European Fondue experience, making it more elegant, exciting, and decadent than ever.  Enjoy premium ingredients, from Australian lamb to Wagyu beef and farmer’s market vegetables, coated with luscious broths and cheeses.  Savor a world of new flavor combinations while having fun with those around you.  Then, to top off the evening, they had fresh fruit, cookies, and treats dipped in your choice of chocolate fondue.

First order of business: wine!

Slurp, gurgle, gargle!

The room was dark and romantic, and we all had iPhones with flashlights to see the menu!  I felt like someone was staring at me, and indeed, the medieval folks were up on the wall just looking at the visitors.

Perhaps we should have wore different clothes?

Burn, baby, burn!

I was horrible as I suggested James dip broccoli in the chocolate fondue.  He said he thought it might be good, so I asked the waiter to bring James some broccoli!  James is a good sport.

Not something he would do again in the future!

Patrick looked so proud!

Happy baby!!

We departed but we had to hold the baby one more time!  Bennett liked my rendition of goo-goo-daa-daa when I used my lowest voice!

No Mary! You can’t take him home! (Perhaps when he becomes a teenager?)

We returned to Diane and Pats and visited for another few hours before hitting the sack!  Tomorrow is a long drive home.

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