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The Week Again Starts!

Memories: Off To Europe With My Dad!  Mom did not want to travel, and Dad wanted to see the world as he never had a chance as a poor boy growing up in the South.  So when my uncle went to Europe, it was an excellent excuse to go.  Dad and I flew to New York and stayed a couple of days.  We boarded the SS Vulcania, an Italian passenger liner, and sailed for Italy.

The Vulcania was an old boat built in 1926.  It had a gross tonnage of 23,970, an overall length of 192.92 meters, and a breadth of 24.23 meters.  The ship had one funnel, two masts, twin screws, and could reach a maximum speed of 19 knots.  The Vulcania could accommodate 310 First Class, 460 Second Class, 310 Intermediate Class, and 700 Third Class passengers.

I vividly remember going outside at night to watch the fireworks.  However, I later discovered that heated sand was used to clean the stacks, as the factory used heavy oil for fuel.  To my dismay, the next day, I found that my nice white shirt was covered in burn holes from the embers.

We had a good voyage, and as I remember, the food was excellent.

In 1972, while off the coast of Cannes, the Vulcania hit a rock and was severely damaged.  The vessel was then towed to La Spezia and laid up.  Eventually, it was decided that the ship would be demolished, so it was towed to Barcelona on September 18th, 1973.  However, before it could be scrapped, a Taiwanese demolition company purchased the ship and arranged to tow it to Kaohsiung.  Unfortunately, the boat sank in the bay before reaching its destination.

Happy birthday Cassie! My granddaughter is 29 years old today! Where does the time go!

We called and left a message; she was out and about!

Mary had an early gym class, and I had to get the heart monitor removed.  So, we went our separate ways.  Since releasing the monitor was a quick procedure, I was done first, and I headed home.  Mary arrived about an hour later with some good news; she could be heard now!

We decided to go home first before driving to Money Bags in Laguna.  The drive to Laguna was uneventful, and we arrived at 10:50 a.m.

The bi-annual update on our investments took place today, and it looks like a six percent return on our holdings is expected, which is not bad.

We had planned to take Marshall out for lunch, but he canceled on us, so we decided to go to The Lumber Yard.  The restaurant has operated under various names since it was opened in 1913.

As it was in 1927.

100 years later:

Looks pretty good for her age!

I had the best seat in the house with a beautiful view!

Lunch at The Lumber Yard!

The cornbread was hot and hot!  The iron skillet kept it warm throughout the entire meal.  Cornbread is versatile!  It has as many names as it does recipe variations.  Among them: Johnny Cakes (a corn-based pancake made from thin batter fried on the stove in hot grease), Corn Pone (made from thick, mold-able dough–usually without eggs or milk–and baked over an open fire), and Hushpuppies (buttermilk based and deep-fried.

Cornbread with Jalapeno, yum!

We also tried the “mushroom fries,” which are battered and fried.  The portobello mushrooms were not greasy and tasted terrific.

Mushroom fries are delicious.

We noticed in the corner of the menu something called “Tins.”  The Lumber Yard had a separate menu of 36 different “tins.”  The finest seafood from around the world—packed in olive oil and served in the tin or jar…w/chips, parsley, house-made lavosh, romesco sauce, lemon, kosher salt, and capers.  They were pretty interesting, so I ordered some sardines.

The pickled veggies were terrific!

Today, I selected anchovies.  These tiny fish have tremendous health benefits: Rich in protein, omega-3s, and iron, canned anchovies are as nutritious as they are with flavor.

Straight from Portugal!

Mary inspected the box and gave me a thumbs down.

Brave, she held the box.

We had a delicious meal, but after the appetizers, we were full.  We got boxes and brought everything home.  Mary kept staring at the “flying pig,” so we captured it.

When pigs fly!

During our conversation, I showed Mary the RV we rented for our post-Christmas trip to the desert.

Mary got to see the motorhome I rented for Christmas.

We took a short nap after returning home and brought some key lime pie to our neighbor.

We arrived at the office at 6:00 p.m. and worked a few hours.  Mary had to change our Hawaii trip reservations while I paid some bills.

Life is fantastic when one is in love!

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