NO water again today!

We worked all day!  First things first, a tour of the garden to see what we might need!  Then it was off to Orange County Farmers Supply, where we picked up seven flats of new veggies, including a flat of white corn!

They have a large and eclectic collection of veggies.

Did You Know? White corn has an elongated, straight, and cylindrical appearance, averaging 10 to 25 centimeters in length, and is encased in many layers of light green husks. Within the tightly wrapped husk, each layer is textured, fibrous, and semi-rough, and surrounding the cob is a layer of delicate pale yellow corn silks. One ear of White corn can contain 200 to 400 kernels, and the small, oval to oblong plump kernels grow in rows extending the length of the cob.

White corn kernels have a tender, succulent, and crisp consistency when ripe due to their high sugar content, but as it ages, the kernels will transform their sugar into starch, creating a tougher, chewier, and doughier texture. The kernels also bear a white to cream-colored surface and a white interior. White corn will range in texture and flavor, depending on the variety, but the kernels are generally mild, sweet, and subtly nutty.

They had been around for quite a while and know their stuff.

THey are as old as me!

You know Mary and her frogs; she could not pass up its picture.   Mary told me, “Frogs are always happy because they eat whatever bugs them.”

We almost had to buy the bag because of the name!

Mary took my picture and posed me in front of bags of steer manure!  Why was that?  My farmer friend told me that horse manure is excellent for strawberries.  I said, “You may be right, but I still prefer whipped cream.”

Why do I get the poopies?

We were heading home for a cold cereal breakfast when it dawned on us that the sandwich shop was also on the way home.   We whipped The Silver Fox around and headed to Batavia, one block over.  We dined at Cortina’s, a little-known secret place where the sandwiches are ginormous!

Mary did a 6″ turkey sandwich, and I did the 10″ American Sub; I nearly passed out from food overload!

Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches every day. This is an amazing statistic since there are slightly more than 300 million Americans.

We decided to dine alfresco even though I wanted to dine outside.

Full of food, we can work all afternoon!  The next stop was Home Depot for some soil amendments for the herb garden.  We could barely get these into the back of the van for the forest of plants already loaded.

Home Depot for a few mandatories.

When we arrived home, Carlos and the crew were busy installing a drain from the right-hand side of the house to the street.  The heavy rains revealed the water flow from the side of the house was blocked by the new lawn.  This 4″ drain will take care of that problem; we connected the rain gutter down spot directly into the drain!

Carlos and the guys fixed our fraining issue on the right-hand side of the house.

I popped open the back of the van, and OMG, it was loaded to the hilt!  Mary and I each took two loads to the backyard using our wheelbarrows.  I used to own a wheelbarrow full of four-leaf clovers.  But then I realized I really shouldn’t push my luck.

The van was chocked full.

The back seat was also loaded with plants!  We have our work cut out for us!! Load ’em up, move ’em out, Rawhide!  We emptied the van but it took four loads!

We used our wheelbarrows to empty the van! It took four trips!

We worked until 5:30 pm, over six hours digging, planting, etc.  This are starting to look gooD

The herb garden is now open for business.

We departed Casa Valencia at 6:30 to go to Victorio’s in Hunting Beach for a 7:00 pm dinner with the Capps, Zaitz’s, Ash’s, and us.  We listened to great piano music and dined until 10:00 pm when we headed home.

Dinner with the Capps, Zaitz, and others at Vittorio’s Italian Restaurant.

We sat with Donna and Bob and planned Easter and Mother’s Day.  I had three beers and was feeling no pain, ha!

Kaliber delivers all the great taste of a premium import. Fully brewed and fully fermented with less alcohol than beer. Non-alcoholic. Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

By the time we got home, it was 11:00 pm, so we crashed immediately.   It was a good day!

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