Wet Wednesday!


It’s wet again!  Another inch is expected today!  Our cleaning staff arrived at 8:25 am, and we departed soon thereafter.  Off to Tustin in The Silver fox so Mary can do her PT.  I went to the burger joint, had hot tea, and read my book, “The Maze.”

The Maze opens with Corey on the same porch, having survived new law enforcement roles and romantic relationships—wiser and more sarcastic than ever. Corey is restless and looking for action, so when his former lover Detective Beth Penrose appears with a job offer, Corey has to make some decisions about his career once again—and about reuniting with Beth.

Inspired by and based on the actual and still-unsolved Gilgo Beach murders, The Maze takes us on a dangerous hunt for an apparent serial killer who has murdered nine—and maybe more—sex workers and hidden their bodies in the thick undergrowth on a lonely stretch of beach.

As Corey digs deeper into this case, he comes to suspect that the failure of the local police to solve this sensational mystery may not be a result of their incompetence—it may be something else. Something more sinister.

The Maze features John Corey’s politically incorrect humor, matched by his brilliant and unorthodox investigative skills, along with the shocking plot twists that are the trademark of the bestselling author Nelson DeMille, “the master of smart, entertaining suspense”.

On our way home, we stopped at CVS and got some pictures that Bill Capps liked from a recent event!  What do you call a pharmacist working at a veterinary drug  company?  A farm-assist.

Bill’s Mary!

We were gone again by 11:30 am heading to the Elks for lunch with Bob and Bill, but no Bill today!  We will give it to him tomorrow.  We checked in at the front desk and added us, plus Robin and Bob, to the Easter Brunch at Vicky’s table!

From the Elks, without any rain, we headed home.  We walked the garden and visited the little plants; they looked like they just had a bath!

Diet Day #1 – I removed all the fattening food from my house. It was delicious.

Looked like giant cotton candies held up in the sky!

We examined Mary’s beautiful mulching job, and it was perfect.  The mulch keeps the raindrops from splashing mud/dirt onto the leaves of the small plants!  We have 90% of the garden mulched, and we still have 1 1/2 bales remaining.

Perfect mulching!

Colleen called to let us know her foot operation was completed, and she was on her way home.  We hope this works.  No!  She did NOT have her foot removed from her mouth; they still practice COVID rituals in New Hampshire.

She had just robbed the gift shop!

Mary worked in the office fixing up her password list.  I assisted on occasion, but at 6:00 pm, she was going strong, and the work was getting intense.  I decided I would fix dinner tonight, so I departed for the kitchen and fixed a salad, warmed up the beef stew, got a beer and a wine for her, prepared some bake-it-yourself bread, and cooked up two chocolate chip cookies.

I pranced back into the office and announced, “Dinner is served!”   I thought about making the announcement naked, but I did NOT want Mary to lose her appetite.  She was amazed and also pleasantly surprised.   We watched two Tom Selleck movies about Jesse Stone, Police Chief.

Mary and I are reading the same book using our Kindle readers!

Based on the detective novels by Robert B Parker, who is also known for writing the Spenser series about a private investigator, the movies introduce us to former LAPD detective Jesse Stone, who moves across the country to the sleepy town of Paradise, Massachusetts after being forced to step down from his job over his drinking problem (and after learning that his wife, an actress, has been having an affair with her producer).

He’s hired as Paradise’s top cop despite turning up to his interview drunk: indeed, this red flag actually wins over the council boss, who reckons that Stone won’t be sharp enough to pick up on his dodgy dealings. He’s wrong, of course, and Stone’s investigations will soon shed light on the apparently idyllic town’s darker side, including its deep-seated links to organized crime, institutional corruption, and the Boston mob.

We crashed at 10:00 pm.

OMG, we are being burglarized, we are having a seismic event, and there was a tsunami! The noise was ear-shattering. I popped out of bed and checked on Scout; he was not in his bed.  Then, I checked for Mary; there was no Mary.  The burglary theory began more plausible, but where would he find a two-wheeled cart at this time of night?

Then I  thought, “She tripped over Scout and fell down again.  Quick, call all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, stat! Note to self: Get the Kings phone number and leave it by the bed!

As I hit the hallway, tearing around the corner on one shoe, rubber burning, there she was in her nightie, halfway up the stairs,  angelic looking, with a giggle erupting from her face, whispering, “Oopie, I dropped the case of kleenex !”  It sounded like two hundred pounds of giant marbles were dropped down the stairs!

Apparently, Mary was not able to sleep and got up at 1:00 am.  She took down the St Patrick’s Day tree, unloaded the dishwasher, and decided to repopulate the bathrooms with paper supplies.

We now both awake now; I had to change jammies as it was a frightening experience.  We finally got back to bed at 2:30 am.  Scout wanted out as he was scared also!

Finally, we are asleep; I lost an hour of my beauty sleep which might take a heavy toll on my appearance tomorrow!

I listened to the news today, and that moron who runs the teachers union was vomiting about “cease all the guns.”   She needs a frontal lobotomy!  Her silly emotions means she can’t think clearly.

I own guns; Mary owns guns; my entire family has a lot of guns.  We also were raised to honor life, we are smart enough to know reality from Hollywierds action movies, and my kids were raised with values and God.  We honor our policemen and appreciate what they have to go through, and we have voted for the death penalty.

When will the looney left get their “thinking” straight and realize that Hollywood’s obsession with violence,  piss-poor parenting, inability or not enough guts to identify the crazies in this world, and a lackadaisical legal system is the cause behind the shootings?

Guns do not kill people; people do.  Cars do not cause deaths; people behind the wheel do!

If you want to ban something, ban or heavily tax Hollywierd movies with end-to-end senseless violence, many weak-minded people can’t tell the difference between “entertainment”  and reality.  Stop glorifying murdering people.  I recently turned off a new Stallone movie because it was murder and mayhem from the start; no intrinsic value, just blood, and gore.

Parents need to be parents or stop having kids.  Raise them with values and hopefully some religion.  Schools need to teach basics again, bring prayers back into school,  and stop with the pro-noun garbage!  If a student is unruly, nail the parents until they fix the problem, admit the child is broken, and take appropriate steps!  No more dropouts; if you want to drop out, you will work doing something constructive until the age where you would have graduated.

We need to stop being “goody-goodies” and treat the mentally disabled without worrying about “feelings.”   We need to execute murders immediately.  Dragging cases through the courts for years and years is nuts.  We have people on video shooting and killing others, and their happy asses are still behind bars for years, where we promptly feed them and house them, an eye for an eye.  If you’re on video killing, you’re gone the next day. period@!  No clogging up the courts and making lawyers rich!

There, I am done, but there are a lot more just like me who are getting fed up with the goofiness of the looney left.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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