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Sunday; All I Quiet On The Western Front

What have today’s bad parents created?

The day was perfect for working the garden, BUT we had to wait until 10:30 am so it would not be so cold!

A beautiful day was coming.

A broke up one of the two bales of straw and tossed it into Mary’s two-wheeled wheelbarrow.  It is sturdy enough to handle a bale of hale yet easy for Mary to move around the garden.  The two standard bale sizes are 18″ x 36″ x 14″ (“2-string”) and 24″ x 46-48″ x 15-16″ (“3-string”).  We had three-string bales.

We broke apart the bales of straw, and Mary mulched 400 square feet by herself.

Time to sit and catch a breath.  In total, Mary mulched almost 2/3 of a bale; I assisted in breaking them apart and delivering them to her cart.

She stopped for a quick photo; we call her Dr. Dirt!

Our new tomato is already eighteen inches tall and has blossoms on it.  We peeled off the suckers and tagged the cage.  In about two months, perhaps sooner, it will be delivering amazing tomatoes.

One of the tomatoes has really taken off.

I heard the dinner bells and ran towards the house; breakfast was served,  bacon and eggs with potato pancakes, yummy for the tummy.  Mary usually has peanut butter toast for breakfast, but this morning we were out of bread, and she’s been grouchy all day.  I never knew she was lack-toast intolerant.

Breakfast break!

Back to work!   Mary cleaned out the carrots as they were horribly misformed.  The soil we have is not good for carrots, so we plan to build a separate bed for them with light loamy soil having plenty of and.

For Carrot plants, it is best to choose a fertilizer low in nitrogen and high in phosphate and potassium. 0-10-10 or 5-15-15 fertilizer will work well for the Carrot plant. It is because potassium and phosphate promote root growth, and these nutrients will help their better growth

The carrots need a lot more sand!

The result of Mary’s work is a beautiful mulched garden.  Mulch keeps the moisture close to the roots, not letting the water evaporate.  It also keeps the roots cool in the heat of the day.

A perfect mulching job!

the plants will be happy now that it is Spring, and we expect things to warm up a bit.  After all this work, Mary needs a T-Shirt1

Yes, indeed!

No dirt shows, everything is well protected!

The plants are all happy now.

Meanwhile, I dug large holes and backfilled them with mulch and steer manure.  We now have two Thompson seedless grapes, two Concords, and one Red Flame.

Did You Know? Green seedless grapes are best suited for raw consumption and are most often eaten fresh, out-of-hand, or sliced and mixed into green salads, yogurt, or veggie wraps. They can also be pressed to make juice, as the lightly sweet yet tart flavor is perfect for cocktails and wine spritzers, or they can be dried to make raisins. Green seedless grapes can be roasted and cooked down into sauces and jams or frozen and whipped into an instant sorbet. Green seedless grapes pair well with pancetta, prosciutto, and cheeses such as brie, gorgonzola, cream cheese, cucumber, pecans, and sunflower seeds. They will keep up to two weeks when stored in a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator. They can also be frozen whole for up to twelve months.


I planted three more grapes.  When they begin to grow, the tomato cages will be removed, and grape arbors will be added so we can keep the plants no more than six feet tall.

Where do the priests go to get fresh and holy grapes? Off divine!

The one below is a Flaming Red Grape with the following characteristics:

  • Produces medium-sized clusters of large, sweet, juicy grapes. Seedless. Heat-tolerant and ideally suited for southern gardens. Ripens in August.
  • Medium sized, light red fruit, tastes sweet and crisp
  • Full Sun, Self Pollinating, Ripens early

A marvelous day to work in the garden!

About two years away, but that’s OK; we can wait!

By 5:00 pm, we were pooped out and decided the hot tub was the answer.  It was airish out, but we did not care; the old bones needed to soak.  Mary had a glass of wine me and Budweiser Zero and enjoyed the hot water1!

Mary whipped up a delicious dinner, complete with a salad mostly from the garden.  We watched “Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris.”   Summary: In 1950s London, a widowed cleaning lady falls madly in love with a couture Dior dress, deciding she must have one of her own. After working to raise the funds to pursue her dream, she embarks on an adventure to Paris that will change not only her own outlook — but the very future of the House of Dior.

We hit the sack at 9:00 pm; tomorrow is Mary’s PT, so we need to be up early.


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