Caught Me Another Mouse!

Fact: Mice, like other rodents, have a set of incisor teeth that never stop growing.  Their teeth grow at a rate of 0.3mm a day!
Because of this, mice have to constantly gnaw on items ranging from cardboard boxes to wires and furniture to grind their teeth down to a reasonable length.

I must have a severe father-to-son talk with Scout!

We arose early as Mary and I had hair appointments at 10:00 AM in Tustin.   While Mary was getting ready, I ordered our first sign for the new garden!  I have a metal pole for it to go on, which will be at the pool entrance to the garden!

A sign for the garden was ordered today!

Colleen stayed at home and met with a cabinet man.  We cook a lot, and our cabinets are deep, meaning we must always dig in them.  Note anymore.  By the 10th, we will have nine new roll-out shelves to make our lives easier!

The salesman arrived at 10:00 AM sharp!

We got the white shelves on roller bearings, which are easy to move/remove.  We will have fun reorganizing the cabinets when they arrive.

By the 10th, we will be organized!

On our way to pick up Mary at the salon, we got two pix from Diane and Pat, who decided to walk Balboa this morning before getting on the airplane to return home.   Some decorations are up, so we will wait a week or two before we do the walk!

Balboa Island had some decorations up!

It was a glorious day on the water!

Diane and Pat walked Balboa Island this morning.

After we picked up Mary, we had a Greek lunch just a few doors down from the salon, and it was excellent.

We walked out to see the progress and passed by one of our traps.  We got another baby rat; squished that little sucker.

The rebar is now in for pouring the cement walkways between the planters.  It is too hot this week, but on the first of next week, they will get put in, and we can walk on them three days later.

Many construction specialists recommend watering it down five to ten times per day for the first week, starting 2-4 hours after pouring it.  The first two to four hours let the concrete “finish,” which refers to the setting process.  While we are gone, Colleen will be in charge of the wetting process.

The walkways between the planters are coming along; we pour next week!

The cement area will be used to house a Rubbermaid Tool Shed and have room to store either a compost machine or extra straw for the mulching activities.

Room for a storage locker and straw bales!

We had lasagne for dinner while watching The Crown.  We all crashed at 9:00 PM as tomorrow is a busy day.

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