More Homes To See

We were busier than a politician before a photo op.

First thing this morning we talked to our friend who runs his own foundation repair company out of Riverside. He said a $15K geology report would be needed plus probably $25K in engineering costs.  Then it would cost between $150K to $350K depending upon what a detailed geologist’s report finds.  We will ask for the cost to be taken off the asking price, which may or may not happen.

We would need to drop a helix into the bedrock every 6–8 feet all the way around the house and then level the entire building meaning the patio brickwork would have to be removed and replaced.  Lots of work!

Year: A period of three hundred and sixty-five disappointments.ß

We found some additional homes to take a look at and went to see one.  While it was a great place, it was across the street from an elementary school so we tossed that idea out.

We came home to Mary’s and fixed dinner.   We watched a John Wayne movie before crashing early.  I have a date with Irene at 6:00 AM in the morning.

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