Another Interesting Week Begins

“Grief can’t be shared. Everyone carries it alone; my burden in my way.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

We both enjoyed wine for many years, but a couple of years ago, we had to cease drinking as medical conditions dictated the move.  So we began to drink non-alcoholic wine and found St. Regis, an excellent substitute.  We would, however, wine taste or more correctly, wine sip!

Below we are at the Laguna Canyon winery, which is quite interesting as they buy their grapes from northern California. Then they have the grapes crushed and frozen SOLID in fifty-five allow drums, and sent them down to Laguna when they are ready to make wine.

She was good at selecting wines and knew what she wanted.  The smile indicates this was a good glass.  “Phew, phooey, and eewww” was an indication of needing the spitoon!   We spent hours together or with friends trying wines from all over California and on vacations across the globe.

Her smile just lights up my day, and the reason I am staying put in my home is that I see her everywhere, in every room, and want to keep it that way.  Memories of her keep me going!   I can hear her voice like she was right next to me, and I enjoy that feeling.  I love you, Sue!

We enjoyed Laguna Canyon Winery and would often stop by as we were members.

I ran across this picture of some of the flowers Sue got on her birthday last year.  She never wanted a fuss made about her, but I caught her reading and re-reading the cards and smelling the flowers for days after they arrived.  She truly appreciated the kindness shown by the family!

L\She enjoyed last year’s flowers from our kids.


The body began to awake about 7:00 AM, I could tell by the horrible snap, crackle, and pop sounds as I began to move.  I made it up and wandered into the bathroom, confronting the washer and dryer who said, as I passed by, “My tummy is full, time to fold and time to dry!”

When your washer and dryer begin to talk to you, it’s time to do what they say.  I folder and hung up everything and put the remainder into the dryer.  I am getting good at this, even separating colors and knowing the difference between materials.

It’s 7:45 AM, and the Grey Ghost and I take off for Lowe’s, we are on a mission to buy paint.  While Bob was going to do the painting, I thought I could save time ad do it myself; besides, I enjoy painting (as you know).

By 9:00 AM I am sloshing paint around like I knew what I was doing.  I am learning that painting the ceilings is more complicated than it used to be.  Well, here goes nothing! I did use masking tape and a drop cloth, something I never did in the olden days, but not I am olden, and the paint has not changed.

Grey was selected, so almost any color towels could be used.

I was done by noon, and then I rested because, at 2:00 PM, I was going to Bob Z’s house to meet up with Mr. Zachary.  Zack is doing some work for Bob’s all-house automated system, and there were some complex system setups Zack knew how to do.   I watched him work and frankly was quite impressed with his mannerisms with the customer and certainly with his knowledge of the complexities of the electronics and software.

Returning home, I quickly freshened up, put on a business casual outfit, and headed to the Los Alamitos/Rossmoor Sewer District for my first meeting as one of the  Directors of the district.  The meeting was interesting but short.  That was a good thing as I had Nine Carat Gold scheduled to practice playing again at the Himalayan Grill.

I zip-biped into the Grey Ghost and headed to PCH in Sunset Beach, only eight minutes form my home.  There they were, set up and playing in the back room.  I was a little embarrassed as I got a standing ovation from the gang because of me arranging for them to practice.  I could not resist, so I ordered a round of drinks for the guys and some Indian appetizers!

The band gets underway!

For not playing together in three months, they sounded pretty good.  Listen in:

I decided to order Chili Chicken Tikka to take home, so I ordered two, one for me and one for Bob.  Bob took a whiff of the meal and decided to try it right on the spot.  We went out into the patio and had a beer and about 1/4 of the meal.  He was going to have it later, and I am saving mine until tomorrow.

The shower light was on, and the fan checked out.  We were good to go!  The glass arrives tomorrow, and after a day or so for the silicone to dry, I will have the shower back and in operations.  Robin can join me for movie night again!

The shower light is in and ready to receive glass tomorrow!

I called Lee, and we chatted for about forty minutes about nothing, mostly about our aches and pains!  Then it was 10:15 PM and time to get horizontal.  I started a movie but only lasted a short time.  I had selected Harry Potter’s first movie, and it was a good refresher.  I rented the HD movie for 48 hours at $2.99, so I will finish it off tonight.

Good night all!

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