Keeping A Low Profile!

“One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness.” – Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis

One thing about Sue, she was ALWAYS a lady.  She never a bad word nor spoke an unkind thought, always had good things to say, and she always dressed for the occasion,  I loved being with her, and I know she would make me look good!  Her memory was like that’s of a computer; she could recall how many biscuits we had for breakfast twenty years ago.  More importantly, the world did NOT revolve around her.

I remember her writing to a family member quite often when that person went to Detroit.  She would send a letter once a week, usually with some kind of goody in it, to Pete when he was deployed.  I remember her sending five gallons of popcorn to Korea when Pete was stationed there.  She loved to cook with Mitch, and these two would laugh and giggle all afternoon.

Tomorrow will be her birthday.  I called Jan Mongell, who lost Jim several years ago, and she reminded me that Jim would have been ninety-six and Sue sixty-nine this week.

When I see her pictures, I must admit I get teary-eyed, but I can remember each image as if it had been taken yesterday.  I love you, my dear Sue!

Her smile even cheered up the flowers.


I place a Bat Phone call to Colleen, and she was dragging as their visitors had just left a few hours earlier, and she was pooped!  I decided not to call her until tomorrow morning as I bet she will sleep tonight.

Oh, those pesky hunger pains!  I viciously attacked the refrigerator, and I came up with bacon, sausage, and eggs.  A good meal, high in protein and low in calories! Tomorrow I plan a big rib-eye for breakfast as it is ready to be cooked.

My frying pan does a super job!

Me and the Silver Ghost headed to Lowe’s early as I wanted a new register for the heater/air.  The original one had several coats of paint on it.  Now I have a new one!

I plan to replace several of the heater/air ducts in the attic, so I priced then today!

The bathroom scale went back to lying, so I am angry at it.  To get back under 190 pounds, I walked for an hour this morning and then worked around the house, putting on more than 10,000 steps!

Perfect Christmas colors.

A little further down the lane on my walk, the pink glare caught my eye.

The roses we displaying their charms for all to see.

Does our “hood” have fruit trees?  Yes, indeed, we do!  I found several peach and nectarine trees on today’s journey around the neighborhood.

I controlled my temptation and did not pick one, but they were sure tempting.

Today’s walk took a different route.  I just missed with no specific path fixed in my tiny brain.

New route; new sights make for a refreshing walk!.

I headed into the garden after arriving home.  The corn is coming along, so I spent a good hour watering the entire garden making sure the corn got all it needed.  Corn grows about five inches every night right about now, so keeping it hydrated is essential.

One more trip to Lowe’s as we needed some paint primer, a wax ring to set the toilet, and a smaller grab-bar than the thirty-six inch one I had in the garage.  It was a quick trip!!

All the grouting is completed, and in the morning, I will paint the primer on so we can set the toilet, the vanity, and the countertop tomorrow.

I was wanted to get out, so I quickly showered and headed to Patty’s Place for a drink, and I broke down and had two sliders.  My 1908 Gin was not available, so Chuck whipped me up a martini!  It was delicious!

I sat alone in the patio (except for the three ladies having dinner)

It was a nice dinner, and Chuck, the angel on my shoulder, limited me to two drinks.  After the second one, he brought a glass of water and a glass of diet coke with the comment, “Your choice, big guy!”  I thought that it was very kind of him to take care of the old man!

Smile, show them your tooth!

As you may be able to see, the inside bar was wrapped in white.  My usual seat was NOT available.  When I left home, it was 80 degrees out, and even by 10:00 PM, it was still in the seventies, a pleasant evening.

N inside dining tonight, it was either the patio or the parking lot!

After arriving home, I fell into bed and off to sleep.

Tomorrow may be tough as it will be Sue’s sixty-ninth birthday, and I will not be going to Disneyland, the Sawdust Festival, or Catalina as we have done for thirty years.  Robin is planning something to keep me occupied, but I will be reliving all those times, no matter what we do.

Tomorrow is a special day for me to remember all the fantastic times we had together!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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